As the days get warmer, the last thing on our minds is central heating. But as you relax in the bright sunshine with your chilled drinks and ice cream, spare a thought for what it’ll be like hunkering down at home next winter. Summer means that your heating is off, providing the ideal time to get your radiators winter-ready. From turning off the valves and sorting out minor issues to replacing your radiator – what better time to ensure your heating is working than while you aren’t using it? Not to mention the massive cost savings that come with buying a brand-new radiator in the summer.

The Importance of Efficient Radiators

Radiators play a super important role in heating your home efficiently and effectively, helping you stay warm and cosy during the winter months. With their large surface area of fins or convectors, the heat transfer is maximised by allowing for greater contact between the radiator and the room air. This not only enhances the heat exchange but also makes the heating system more efficient.

Older radiators can bring about a host of problems, namely higher energy bills and ineffective distribution of heat. So it makes sense to invest in a new one. In fact, because of their increased surface area, new radiators can be up to 50% more efficient than those installed 20 years ago, so the amount saved on energy bills will far outweigh the cost of buying a new radiator. Moreover, there is such a wide variety of energy-efficient radiators on the market that you could invest in one to save even more on gas bills.

There are many advantages of energy-efficient radiators, from faster heat-up times, space-saving designs and innovative features to cost-effectiveness and long-term savings. With the current cost of living crisis, it’s imperative to save as much energy and money as possible.

Cost Savings in Summer

Over time, all appliances have the usual wear and tear and begin to work less efficiently. Even the most high-end radiators will experience rust and leaks or become noisy and will need to be repaired or even replaced. Take advantage of the low demand for radiators in the hotter months and invest in a new radiator while it’s more convenient.

So it goes without saying that summer is the absolute best time to sort out any issues with your radiator or install a new one as it’ll be a massive cost saving. You could save up to £135 on energy bills in the winter by swapping out your old radiators in the summer.

Faster Installation

Another plus is that installation will be easier and faster to schedule as your heating engineer has fewer bookings. Winter is the prime time for plumbers and heating engineers to be busy with emergency call outs, which means it’s more difficult to schedule the work. In the summer, they’re more likely to have the time to devote to your job. Booking in the summer means that you beat the winter rush and won’t be left shivering when the cold season approaches and you’re in need of heating.

Preparation for Winter

Central heating becomes a ‘hot’ topic during the winter but why not plan ahead? When you choose to purchase your radiator in the summer, it allows plenty of time for installation and testing before the colder months arrive. And when winter does arrive, you’ll rest assured that the heating is working optimally. A fully functioning heating system ensures a comfortable and warm indoor environment and helps maintain a consistent and pleasant temperature throughout your home.

Adequate heating is also crucial for maintaining good health during winter so making sure your radiator is working efficiently will lessen the chances of your family catching a cold by keeping the indoor temperature at a safe and healthy level.

Cold weather can lead to issues like frozen pipes and dampness leading to mould growth and structural damage. An effective radiator can assist in the protection of your property by encouraging warm air flow indoors which shuts out the cold. For this reason, it can be beneficial to keep your radiator on low even when you’re not in the room.

By opting to get your radiators installed in the summer, you’ll have the luxury of time and the benefit of low prices to choose a beautiful designer radiator in the perfect colour with the perfect finish.

July is the best time to buy radiators so visit one of our radiator showrooms to talk to the experts about your heating needs.