As we look forward to the long, hot (hopefully) summer days, the last thing on our minds will be radiators and boilers. But as you relax in the sunshine with your chilled drinks and ice cream, spare a thought for what it’ll be like hunkering down at home next winter. If your plans include any kind of work on your heating system, start the ball rolling now, because summer really is the best time to buy a new radiator. 

It’s too cold in the winter!

The most obvious reason why new radiators need to be installed during the summer is that it’s a time when you don’t need to use them. Your heating will need to be off for the duration of the work which means that if it’s winter, the house is going to be very cold. If you’re working from home, the low temperature is going to have an impact on your motivation and productivity. 

You can increase your productivity

The noise of the work may be another problem, so by getting the radiators replaced in the summer, it’s easier to leave the house if it gets too distracting. Take your phone calls in the garden, or you could even take advantage of ‘netwalking’ which has gained in popularity during lockdown. There is a lot of scientific evidence pointing towards the fact that the more we exercise the more productive we become, and walking meetings within teams are becoming more popular. However, what lockdown has shown us is that we can also walk as we talk on the phone to clients, or we can even use technology to set up networking meetings via our phones enabling us to network while we explore the countryside (hence the name ‘netwalking’). So there’d be no better time to explore innovative ways of working than when you need to get away from the noise of your radiator being replaced. 

Plumbers and heating engineers are more available

Winter is the prime time for plumbers and heating engineers to be busy with emergency call outs, which means it’s more difficult to schedule the work. In the summer, they’re more likely to have the time to devote to your job. 

Diverting future problems

If your boiler’s old or you’re worried about the state of your current radiators, don’t leave next winter to chance. By anticipating problems and sorting them out before they have a chance to happen, you’ll rest so much easier (and cosier) throughout the winter. If you leave it until something goes wrong, it’s Sod’s Law that thing will happen on the coldest day of the year, when it’s difficult to get someone in to fix it (because they have so many other clients with similar problems). Also, if you need to replace anything, you’ll have to make do with whatever’s available on the day. 

By replacing your radiators in the summer, you’ll have the luxury of time to choose a beautiful designer radiator in the perfect colour and with the perfect finish. To get exactly what you want, you may have to wait a few weeks, but what’s that compared to the many years you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of its beauty as well as the efficiency of its heat. 

So summer is the perfect time to replace your radiator, and now that lockdown restrictions are easing, you can visit one of our showrooms to talk to our experts about the best radiators for your needs.