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Trench Heating Radiator Systems

The Mini Canal Trench Heating system is the perfect way of combating heat loss and drafts by providing natural convective warm air currents that works to fill a room. It is an ideal way to generate heat when wall space is minimal or a heat curtain to a door way is required, so great for cold surfaces, such as outside walls and glazed areas. It is also serves as an ideal way of heating an area without losing valuable floor or wall space. The in-floor installation of natural convection trench heating offers a superb alternative to conventional radiators.

Warm power, minimum recess depth
Minimum recess depth, maximum heat. Mini Canal starts at 9 cm. That is why it is the perfect solution for multiple storeys or floating floors. Mini Canal is delivered ready-to-mount. Hidden under the grille is an ultra-fast Low-H2O element. An ideal complement to floor heating systems, but powerful enough to serve as a primary heat source. Applications: living rooms with large windows, conservatories, entrance halls, shop-windows, offices and industrial rooms
Even comfort temperature
The downward cold air flow associated with glazed facades often causes discomfort. Mini Canal ensures a warm air curtain: the cold air layer from the glass and the cooler return air on the floor are drawn in, heated and mixed with the warmer upper air so a balanced and even comfort temperature is achieved.
The perfect complement to underfloor heating
Mini Canals are supplied with a Low-H2O heat exchanger, reacting extremely quickly to every temperature fluctuation. As they can also be set into the floor, they can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating systems. In Spring or Autumn, the Mini Canal will totally fulfil the need for warmth. In the heating season, they will provide quick temperature corrections. Hence, why the Mini Canal represents a better source of warmth and comfort, and uses significantly less energy.