Livingstone Radiators

The Livingstone radiant panel is the result of some innovative, patented technology. All designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Marble powder, a by-product of the marble-cutting processing, is recycled and combined with water and a natural binding agent to form the basis of the radiator. Each radiator is hand-made using a ‘cold process’ throughout the time in production; from the combining of the powders to the 4/5 day drying process. This leads to lower energy consumption and a lower CO2 emission in the environment.

Consequently, at the end of its life, the radiator could be crushed and recycled; the marble powders separated from the other components and all reused or disposed of through natural means.

All Livingstone® electric and hybrid products are provided with a control thermostat. The temperature is always correct to ensure the proper comfort and not to waste energy when the desired temperature has been reached.
When the temperature in the room reaches the desired value, the thermostat detects the condition and reduces the energy used to avoid any heat dispersion. Comfort and energy saving are the result of this intelligent control.

Thermostat functions:

  • Digital Display of temperature and programme settings
  • Heating status indication
  • Mode setting button (anti-freeze, comfort, eco, auto and boost mode)
  • Date and time function
  • Backlight

Traditional radiators transfer heat to the environment by causing an air circulation from the lower areas to the upper areas of the room. This is known as convection and the consequent movement of dust, which can carry moulds, bacteria or mites, promotes the onset of allergy to sensitive individuals. Livingstone® is our ally against allergies, because it does not move dust as it transfers the heat by irradiation.

Livingstone® panels emit radiating heat.

The temperature is even on the entire surface of the radiant panel and is transferred more directly to the room: the physical irradiation allows the heat to be transferred in a more gentle and direct way in any direction. An even temperature in the room and a feeling of well-being: this is the secret of Livingstone®.

Livingstone® is a discreet presence, customizable in colours and textures on its surface to be combined with the furnishings. A sober design, where the thermostat is concealed on the side of the panel to reduce its visual impact. Livingstone® is decorative, if highlighted, or on the other hand it can conceal with its gentle and elegant appearance.

Suitable to any room.

Livingstone® is suitable to any setting thanks to its sturdiness, resistance to humidity with IPX4 protection, free of any kind of emissions. In your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even in the basement.

Sweet dreams.

Sleep peacefully, Livingstone® silently takes care of adjusting the amount of heat necessary to any room. With the “Night Mode” it is also possible to reduce the consumption during the night hours in the bedrooms or any unused rooms.

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