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We've written guidelines and advice on all things to do with radiators. As always, if you are unsure of anything do please feel free to call us on 01727 840344 or email us at info@theradiatorcentre.com. Of course you can always come by one of our radiator showrooms in St Albans, Islington, Brighton, Lemington Spa or Clapham.


General questions

Orders, deliveries, payments... Get help »

The guide to choosing a radiator

Styles, sizes, central heating systems... Get help »

Choosing the right heat output

Heat calculations, adjustments, Watts... Get help »

Installing a radiator

Installing, positioning, pipework... Get help »

Troubleshooting & maintenance

Bleeding, balancing, leaks, noises... Get help »

Technical questions

Combination boilers, microbore pipework... Get help »

Radiator valves

Thermostatic valves, manual valves, straight & angled... Get help »

The guide to cast iron radiators

Reproduction Vs reclaimed, heating, painting... Get help »