At a time when energy bills are rising and more people are working from home, having energy efficient radiators is massively important.  The Radiator Centre offers a range of energy efficient radiators, all designed to provide maximum amounts of heat from the smallest amount of energy, making them ideal if you’re looking for more sustainable ways of heating your home. 

How do energy efficient radiators work? 

Our energy efficient radiators utilise low H20 technology. Thanks to the addition of an optimised heat exchanger, 90% less water is used in energy efficient radiators than is used in standard radiators. This means less energy is needed to heat the water, with the additional advantage that the radiators take less time to heat up.  And you lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

Rest assured, there is no decrease in performance standards. Indeed, we are careful to make sure that all radiators sold by The Radiator Centre will provide levels of heat that are suitable to heat your home in even the coldest of UK winters. 

Energy efficient radiators heat up faster than standard radiators. And when you need an extra boost of heat, the radiators also come with a fan-assisted ‘boost’ option.

Safety first

Many of our energy efficient radiators are also LST (low surface temperature) radiators, making them ideal for areas where cooler surface temperatures are preferable, such as children’s bedrooms, nursing homes, etc.

A perfect addition to an energy efficient house

Our energy efficient radiators are a perfect fit with new heating technology such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. 

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