Never let it be said that good design is at the expense of efficiency! This range proves that you can retain stunning designer looks whilst maximising output and with total safety. Listed below are our selection of eco-friendly and high-efficiency radiators currently available from the radiator centre.

As energy bills rise, finding efficient and effective ways of heating a space is becoming increasingly important. The Radiator Centre’s range of energy efficiency radiators are designed to provide maximum amounts of heat from the smallest amount of energy. The radiators are perfect to extract the heat from newer heat sources, such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. And for when a significant amount of heat is required, the range also come with a fan assisted ‘boost’ option.

Many of these are also LST (low surface temperature) radiators – ideal for areas where cooler surface temperatures are preferable – children’s bedrooms, nursing homes, etc.

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high efficiency radiators