The importance of radiators for bay windows

Curved walls or angular bay window areas can be difficult to add elements to, making the placement of an efficient heating system tricky. A solution to this is installing a curved bay radiator. These can be placed under your windows and serve as an excellent way of warming your living space, turning the cold draughts from the window into warm air. Let’s dive into the benefits of installing radiators for bay windows in your home.

Enhanced Comfort: Keeping Your Home Warm and Cosy

Radiators are one of the most effective ways of heating a home. They work by convection or heat transfer, pulling cool air from the bottom of the room and heating it up as the air rises. This makes it perfect to install bay window radiators beneath your window to keep your home warm and cosy during chilly days and nights. It’s important to take note of radiator placement for optimal bay window heating.

If you’re working from home in a room with a bay window area, it can be highly beneficial to install a radiator for added comfort. That being said, there are advantages and disadvantages of turning off radiators in the rooms you don’t use while working. Our traditional radiators provide very effective heating with little environmental impact and you can still enjoy the great design quality.

Design and Style: Curved Radiators as a Home Décor Element

Installing bay window radiators doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your interior décor elements. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of designer radiators that contribute to your space’s feel.

The Tuba Classic Steel Column is the ideal choice as the Bay Window Tuba can fit most challenging bay windows. The curved radiator’s smoother finishes combine both traditional and modern styles. The Tuba comes in tons of sizes and colours so you can have a radiator suited exactly to your house’s décor and design.

Health and Safety: Reduced Risk of Dampness and Mould

Heaters such as radiators aid in the removal of mould by drying out humid and moist areas in the home. Convection heating means that the radiator pushes warm air out and since the air is constantly moving, water vapour will be unable to embed itself on any surfaces.

Radiators as a Practical and Stylish Home Improvement

There’s no need to disguise our radiators or compromise on your home décor as our radiators are functional, practical and everything you could want in a sleek radiator design. Make your space unique with our stylish designer radiators – choose from a variety of designs, colours and sizes to complement your bay window area and of course, add warmth!

The Radiator Centre offers customers the chance to order custom-sized radiators to fit bay windows.

Visit your nearest Radiator Centre showroom to see our range of curved radiators and discuss your needs with our expert team.