Flat panel radiators are modern, simple, elegant and very often efficient. In the last few years, they’ve become much more popular because, whilst working in the same way as traditional convector radiators, the flat surface appeals more in a contemporary home.

The rise of designer radiators has made people aware there is an aesthetic alternative to the usual white ‘corrugated’ models that we’ve become used to. People are now looking for sleeker, more discreet ways of heating their homes, but without necessarily having the designer price tag.

In fact, some flat panel radiators can be cheaper and more efficient to run than the more ‘traditional’ radiator models, making them an even more tempting alternative, such as the Synergy, Linea Plus and Mini Wall.

Compared to traditional models, these flat-panel radiators with their cleverly-designed heat exchangers have increased surface areas to help give off the maximum heat which means they work well at lower water temperatures and consequently may provide a small saving on energy bills. An additional advantage is that they’ll heat the room in a shorter space of time.

The main flexibility of flat panel radiators is with space and positioning. Their slenderness – some are as slim as two inches – gives them greater flexibility in rooms of all shapes and sizes, without compromising on efficiency. They are also hung from the wall, saving floor space. Some have been designed to hide the bracket system, giving them an even sleeker look and get them as close to the wall as possible.

Their flexibility in placement and range of designs and colours enables flat-panel radiators to be used as an architectural element rather than just a practical necessity.

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