Advances in technology have benefited radiator design, allowing radiator designers to play with form as well as function, creating some of the most innovative and stylish home accessories you can get. The days of having to install standard radiators are long gone, which means if you’re looking for a new modern radiator, you have a huge amount of choice. And having so many choices means you can find the perfect modern radiator – one that will heat your room at the same time as adding a decorative element to your space!

Fully functional

We’re often asked ‘are designer radiators efficient’? So if you’re concerned that they’re going to be style over substance, don’t be. The modern contemporary radiators we sell are highly efficient, providing an effective heat source. You can rely on the fact that all our modern radiators will keep your home toasty and warm right through even the worst UK winter.

We will always make sure that the radiators you want are the right size for the room you want them to heat. There’s a lot more to it than just how big or small your room is. There are a lot of variants that can affect the amount of heat you need, for example, the size of window, the number of external walls, and the storey the room is on. Check out our online Heat Calculator and enter the details of each room to get an idea of the size of radiator you’ll need.

It could be a very smart investment

Smart heating is the best way of ensuring the modern home is the right temperature whenever you need it to be, and that you don’t waste energy and therefore money by heating your home if no-one’s in it. Through your app you can even control the heat in individual rooms so you don’t waste money by heating spaces that aren’t being used.

This means if there’s a sudden cold snap or heatwave when you’re not expecting it, you can adjust the heat in your home from wherever you are, leaving your home comfortable without wasting any energy.

Enhancing your home’s looks

There’s no doubt about it, designer radiators look good, add warmth and luxury to your home and create a real wow factor. You can truly enhance the look of every room with a stylish designer radiator whether you prefer a more traditional style of horizontal radiator, only have space for a vertical radiator, or you’d like to switch things up a bit with a range of different shapes and styles.
We have a range of decorative radiators, art radiators that make a bold statement, and even radiators that double up as mirrors which will really make the most of your wall space.

If you have a period property, or want to give the feel of an older home, traditional radiators fuse the aesthetic of the past with the energy efficiency of contemporary radiators. Some are even reproductions of Victorian radiators, using the same relief patterns, but they’re built for your existing central heating system and will heat your home perfectly. So even with traditional radiators, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

For extensions, lofts or garden offices, many of our designer radiators can be bought as standalone electric radiators. Many use smart technology so you can control them from your phone, making them even more efficient as you can keep the space warm when you need it to be, and turn the radiator off when no-one is using the room.


Colour is hugely important to any home’s aesthetics and most of our designer radiators have a wide choice of finishes and colours, including RAL colours. So whether you’re looking for traditional white, a pastel shade or a dazzling primary colour, there’s bound to be something that suits your personality and complements your décor and colour scheme. Choosing the best colour for your radiators can help turn a living space into your home.

Visit one of our showrooms and see for yourself

We are here to help you find the right designer radiator for you. We have six showrooms where you can see examples of our huge selection of designer radiators in the flesh (so to speak) enabling you to be 100% certain you’ll love your new radiators.

We have designer radiators in all shapes, sizes and orientations so there’s a lot to choose from. You’ll also get the chance to talk to one of our friendly experts who’ll make sure that the radiators you’ve got your heart set on will give you the correct heat output for the room.

Check out our collection of Horizontal designer radiators, Vertical designer radiators, Column radiators, Stainless steel radiators, Dual fuel towel rails, Electric designer radiators, Eco-efficient designer radiators.