If you’re looking for a way to limit your energy usage, electric radiators may be the perfect heating solution. Energy efficiency is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a radiator, which is why we have an extensive range of energy efficient radiators that are both eco-friendly and visually appealing.

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Radiators

Around the world, the radiator market is evolving, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, technological advancements, and environmental sustainability. Electric radiators, specifically, are gaining popularity due to their efficiency in maintaining precise temperatures and lower operating costs than hydronic radiators.

Essentially, electric radiators are designed to maximise the use of electrical energy. This is done by minimising heat loss and maximising comfort. For example, many models feature thermostatic controls that allow you to set the perfect temperature for your space.

The efficiency of a radiator is influenced by various factors namely heating technology, size, thermostat controls and material and design. Additionally, the efficiency of a radiator can also be determined by the heating system it is connected to and the insulation of the space where it is installed. Underfloor heating is usually a culprit of over-heating and increased heat loss.

1. Heating technology

In most cases, electric radiators are more efficient than traditional central heating radiators. More kW of electricity can be transferred into heat with an electric radiator. However, as electricity costs more than gas, lower costs are not guaranteed. Electric radiators can use advanced heating technology such as programmable thermostats, adaptive learning and occupancy detection to optimise energy usage. And these features can all help with lowering your energy consumption.

2. Size

The size of the radiator plays a crucial role in its efficiency. An appropriately sized radiator will ensure optimal heat output for the room and prevent the radiator system from overworking. This also leads to less energy wastage. Using our heat calculator can help you to determine how much heat your room requires in order to choose the right size radiator.

3. Thermostat controls

Electric radiators with smart thermostats allow for individual room control. You’ll be able to schedule a specific time for your heating to come on instead of it staying on all day or in rooms you don’t use. This adds to the efficiency of your radiator and lowers energy costs.

4. Material and design

In terms of efficiency, electric radiators tend to be more efficient. Aluminium radiators are the best material for higher heat output and rapid warmth. They are also more environmentally friendly as they use less water and energy.

Advantages of Energy-Efficient Electric Radiators

Reduced energy consumption and possible cost savings

Unlike gas central heating systems, electric heating doesn’t rely on extensive pipework. This removes the risk of heat loss and promotes reduced energy consumption. Pipework can account for up to 10% of the energy used by a gas boiler. By directly heating a room with electric radiators, you can save on energy costs while ensuring that heat is delivered exactly where you need it.

A more environmentally friendly heating solution

Switching to electric heaters means that no burning of fuel is involved and only electric energy is converted into heat energy. Electric resistance doesn’t involve any smoke or harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Electric boilers, electric heaters and electric storage heaters have all been classified by Climatexchange as zero emission technologies.

Improved control and comfort

Modern electric radiators offer precise temperature control thanks to advanced thermostat technology. You’ll usually find that a comfortable temperature is between 18°C and 21°C. But if you set your thermostat just 1 degree lower than usual you may see a cost saving. Every degree you turn your thermostat down can save around 10% on your energy bill. Not only this but you’ll also be able to program your ideal temperature for extra comfort.

Reliability and longevity

High quality electric radiators are not only energy efficient but also built to last. You can rest assured that when you invest in an electric radiator you will be investing in a reliable heating solution that can last up to years. Electric radiators usually have fewer moving parts than gas central heating systems resulting in less room for faults to arise. This together with lower maintenance requirements can help you save on repair costs in the long run.

Top Energy-Efficient Radiators on the Market

Play Radiator

The Play radiator is not only good to keep your heating bills low, it also produces unparalleled levels of heat from its Low H2O heat exchange and offers a low surface temperature for the more safety conscious.

Linea Plus Wall Mounted

As the first of its kind, the Linea Plus is a slim-line radiator perfect for those that love a minimalist look. It guarantees low energy consumption and maximum heat output so you won’t waste energy. This radiator brand is also available in a free standing version.

Cortina Electric

The Cortina is a high-quality, aluminium electric radiator that has a range of temperature settings and a two hour override function. The temperature adjustment and daily programmable timer function enables you to schedule your heating according to your lifestyle and needs.
Invest in a long lasting energy efficient heating system

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to come at the expense of looks. Our range of electric and energy efficient radiators will help you to reduce your energy usage, lower heating bills and complement your home’s décor. This is the future of home heating!

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