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Cortina Electric


In line with this year's trend for introducing 'metallics' in and around the living space, the range of Cortina Designer Radiators has met the brief perfectly. As much a piece of art as a radiator, it's clean lines and gleaming elements are sure to make it a talking point in any room.

The Cortina range is a unique system comprising of a base manufactured from high-quality, extruded aluminium and individual plates attached to the front to create the unique range of designs. Available in gold, black or metallic colour schemes, each one is composed of differing shades of polished, painted, matt and satin tiles.  With close fitting side panels to hide any bracketry, the resulting radiator can be installed like any standard vertical radiator, or higher on the wall, like a piece of art.

The Cortina Electric come fitted with a standard chrome electric element which offers a range of temperature settings and a two hour overide function. The option of a portable programmable controller is also available (see Product Options) which allows the operation of multiple radiators, temperature adjustment and a daily programmable timer function.

This product is available to view in our Islington, Brighton and St Albans showrooms.

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Product Specifications

Material Aluminium
Colours Golds, Metallics, Black/White/Grey
Bespoke Colours N/A
Delivery 4 Weeks
Cortina - Gold Cortina - Gold
Cortina - Metallic Cortina - Metallic
Cortina - Black Cortina - Black

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Prices between £830.00 and £2,940.00

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Delivery Cost

£25.00 per unit

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Programmable Thermostat £220.00
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