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The Play sits in our efficiency range of radiators, but it is more than just good for your heating bills. Whilst producing unparalleled levels of heat from its Low-H20 heat exchange it also offers a low surface temperature for the more safety conscious.

The fun, painted MDF panels with pencil proof grille, integrated TRV controls and hidden valves make it an ideal make the Play the ideal radiator that would sit in a child's room and not go out of fashion. Comes available in a standard white finish (category 1 colour) or black, piano, 'boy' or 'girl' (category 2 colours).

Prices are listed for the unit only with the integrated valve added as an additional item depending on whether the connection is from the wall or the floor.

The Play is also available in a 'fan-assisted' version which is ideal for using on low temperature heating systems, such as solar energy systems and heat pumps. The Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) is specifically designed to boost the power of these Low-H20 by 2 or 3 times so there is no need to compromise on heat output or size when considering utilising green technology. Full details of the Play DBE can be fund here.

This product is available to view in our St Albans, Brighton and Islington showrooms.


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Product Specifications

Materials Lacquered MDF panels with anodised aluminium spacer rings
Standard colour Category 1 - images
Colour options Category 2- images
Guarantee Heat Exchanger - 30 years
Output range 529 - 3326 watts ∆t50˚
Connections Can be completely concealed within the casing
Valves Please see Options below or call 01727 840334
DBE (Fan Assisted) Please call 01727 840344
Play Room Play Room
Play White (Cat. 1 Finish) Play White (Cat. 1 Finish)
Play Girl (Cat. 2 Finish) Play Girl (Cat. 2 Finish)
Paly Piano (Cat 2. Finish) Paly Piano (Cat 2. Finish)
Play Boy (Cat. 2 Finish) Play Boy (Cat. 2 Finish)
Play Black (Cat. 2 Finish) Play Black (Cat. 2 Finish)

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Prices between £550.00 and £2,211.00

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Delivery Cost

£25.00 per unit

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Integrated Valve - Pipework from the floor £285.00
Integrated Valve - Pipework into the wall from within the casing £285.00
Integrated Valve - Pipework into the wall from under the unit £285.00
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