Electric radiators work in the same way as the radiators which are part of your central heating system. When the water inside the radiator heats up, the surrounding area heats up too. The hot air rises, making way for cooler air to take its place, which is then heated up and rises in a rotation.

Designer electric radiators heat your room as efficiently as your central heating system does. Their main advantage is that they have no moving parts, which means there’s less to go wrong and therefore they will need less maintenance – no bleeding, no balancing, and no flushing. The cost of installing an electric radiator is less than the cost of installing a central heating system, or extending the system to a new room or a garden office.

Electric radiators are good for rooms that need extra warmth when you don’t need the rest of your central heating on, such as bathrooms, home offices or treatment rooms. Although the running costs for an electric radiator may be greater than those for a radiator connected to the central heating, the cost and inconvenience of extending the system may far outweigh the extra running costs.


One size doesn’t fit all

Electric radiators only heat the room they’re in, whereas with a central heating system, a certain amount of energy will is wasted as the hot water travels through the pipes in the walls of the house. The central thermostat that controls the temperature of your central heating may be right for the one room it’s fitted in, but could well be over- or under-heating other rooms depending on their size and use.


When heating the entire house

When using electric radiators through your house, you can program each individual radiator to suit the use of each room rather than compromise on heating everything at the same rate with central heating. This means you can have the living areas at a comfortable temperature when you need them, and the radiators in the bedrooms can be programmed to come on a lot later and at a lower temperature, if that’s what you would like.


Social enterprise Ebico has researched the cost-effectiveness of different types of heating system. They estimate that the annual costs to run heating for an average home are:


Convector heaters: £1,823

Night storage heaters: £1,202

Gas central heating: £828

Electric central heating: £2,000-2,500


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