Flat panel radiators are an elegant way of heating smaller rooms without imposing too much on the available space. They can be as narrow as two inches, which means they’ll always be out of the way. 

They are made from thin, lightweight steel or aluminium and have been created to have the maximum surface area possible, which is why they’re so efficient. Flat panel radiators work in the same way as traditional radiators and can be connected to your home’s central heating system. They generally operate at lower temperatures than traditional radiators, making them perfect if you’re looking for ways of becoming more energy efficient

The fact that they do not need to be heated to such a high temperature also means they are safer to the touch, making them ideal for heating the rooms of children or vulnerable people without worrying about them getting burnt. 


Flat panel radiators are versatile, which makes them very useful. They’re lightweight so they can be hung out of the way on walls. They also come in a range of sizes in both vertical and horizontal orientation. 

And because they are both flat and do not get burning hot, many people add a towel rail to bathroom or kitchen radiators to dry towels and tea towels on or to keep towels nice and warm for when they step out of the shower or bath. 

Good looking too! 

Our Flat Panel radiator has a very sleek, modern look, making it a perfect contemporary design to grace any home. It comes as a single or double convector in a large range of sizes and impressive heat outputs. It is available in a standard white powder-coated finish, and it also comes in a range of RAL colours. 

If you’re looking for a flat panel radiator with softer edges, the Niva Soft will be a stunning addition to your home. Single and double versions are available, and you can choose between a range of colours and finishes. An aluminium towel rail is available as an added option too. 

The Planatherm is a convector radiator that provides a cost-effective high-specification solution for any living space. The radiator is only available in white, but it comes in a selection of sizes and with the option of a towel rail.

Turn them into art

Of course, your flat panel radiator doesn’t have to be a simple design. Some radiator designers have turned them into art! The designers behind the Metacrylic radiator have used a flat panel radiator as a background and covered it with an acrylic cut-out which adds an attractive visual element. The cut-out comes in four different designs, and you can mix and match different colours for the radiator as well as the cut-out, giving you a huge choice. As the acrylic design sits away from the radiator, it throws shadows that will move throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. You can also play with the shadows according to where you position your lights. 

Visit one of our radiator showrooms to see our range of flat panel radiators and talk to one of our experts. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you calculate the size of flat panel radiator you’ll need to heat each room perfectly.