As winter draws in and it becomes even more difficult to meet up with people outside our households, our home is not only a sanctuary from the cold and dark, it is also the place where we are spending a lot of time. With the days getting shorter and the temperatures outside dropping, we all need to feel cosy indoors – and that’s when designer radiators come into their own.

A radiator is an important part of a room, yet too many of us are prepared to put up with the mass-produced utilitarian designs that are, at best, nondescript and, at worst, downright ugly. An attractive designer radiator not only heats up the room, it also provides an aesthetic focus that greatly enhances the room’s appeal.

By choosing to upgrade to a good-looking radiator, you’re automatically improving the look of the room you install it in. All the designer radiators in our range are efficient enough to heat any room in your home throughout the winter, and they come in different sizes for different rooms. For an indication of the size you’ll need, enter your room’s details into our heat calculator – however, it’s always worth double-checking with us when you’ve chosen your model to ensure you don’t delay installation by unintentionally ordering the wrong size.

Which designer radiators make a great cosy room?

Some radiators are so attractive, they can be treated as works of art in their own right. With an art radiator mounted on the wall, you will have more space to place soft furnishings wherever you want them, adding to the look as well as the feel of the room.

If you have a period property, a traditional-looking cast iron radiator will greatly enhance the cosiness of your home when it comes to style and comfort. With its familiar classic look, a cast iron radiator instantly gives the room a friendly feel, and as it’s part of a modern central heating system, it will also ensure your room is as warm as you need it to be.

If you’re looking for something that’s ultra-modern and unusual, the Livingstone range is moulded out of marble dust, which results in innovative and attractive designs that will enhance any room. The naturalistic designs and colours actually give them a calmingly warm presence.

Soft curves give anything a really friendly feel, and there are a number of radiator styles that make use of them. The subtle curve of the Arco Wall gives it a welcoming appearance – and would be great for hallways, especially with the addition of an optional talking point in the form of a hat rack! And if you want your cosiness to be more elegant, the soothing curves of the Surf will provide the perfect balance.

Tubular radiators also add snugness to a room. The eye-catching Tonda fills the room in a good way, with a graceful simplicity. And the elliptical design of the tubes that make up the Ron Aluminium combine to give it a comforting shape that will look great in any room.

If you are creating a room that is welcoming, friendly and a pleasure to relax in, a designer radiator will bring it to life, with cosiness guaranteed!