Spending so much time at home during lockdown has inspired many of us to think more carefully about what we want from our living spaces. When it comes to bedroom design ideas, there are several trends to look at for inspiration. But whatever you want to achieve, make sure you include the radiator as an integral part of your design. To be most effective, you must consider the position of your radiators when you’re planning where to put the bed, dressers and wardrobes, otherwise, you may end up paying more to keep the room warm.

We’ve been taking a look at the current trends in bedroom design and here are our top six.


We have all become much more conscious of our effect on the planet, and eco-friendly designs are a huge trend this year, whether you want a cosy, rural feel to your bedroom or a sleek modern design. Use furniture that has been made from sustainable materials, such as wood, bamboo, stone and clay, all of which will contribute to creating a warm atmosphere as well as adding a tactile element to the room.  Use colours that have been inspired by nature – earthy tones are calming and relaxing which will help you sleep better. And when it comes to warmth, our range of Livingstone radiators will tick all the sustainability boxes and keep your bedroom as toasty as you want it, as well as adding to the beauty of your room.


If you want to create an interesting and unconventional room, use curved shapes which help to break up the rigidity.  Look for beds with curved edges, paired with round bedside tables and mirrors. Also consider wardrobes and cupboards with arched tops. To keep in with the theme, replace boxy radiators with ones that have pleasing shapes and curves, such as the Surf, the Ocean or the Ron.


If you’re looking for dramatic  décor in the bedroom, go for deep and contrasting colours; large accessories such as a four-poster bed, statement chandelier or funky wall art; and big patterns on the wall (and possibly even the ceiling). The addition of a beautiful Art radiator like the Frame or Spekkio Mirror will add lots of drama and could even be all the decoration you need.


If you want to design a bedroom that makes you feel warm, snuggly and safe, make it cosy by having a big, comfortable bed with a padded headboard, and lots of fabrics in the form of rugs, blankets, throws and cushions. The style of radiator that will be best suited to a cosy room would be a traditional cast iron one, such as the Rococo or Burlington, both of which come in a range of colours that will fit in perfectly with your chosen colour scheme.


A black and white bedroom can be a really bold statement. And it doesn’t have to be plain – use wallpaper, linens and rugs with interesting patterns and textures to make the entire room pop. And when it comes to heat, the majority of our designer radiators come in many different colours, including black or white, so you can have them contrasting or blending in with the rest of the room – it’s up to you!


If you can’t bear the thought of a cluttered room, go minimalist. There are plenty of clever furniture designs that will help to hide your things so you only see the bare minimum. Wall panels can be used to hide wiring so there are no cables on show, so it makes sense to use radiators that are wall mounted,  like the Chic Aluminium,  in order to hide unsightly pipes.

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