With Spring just around the corner, this is an ideal time to start thinking about updating your home with some of the latest trends in interior design.  House Beautiful magazine has picked out some exciting new key trends in interior design for 2018 and we have the perfect radiator to match.

Radiator Colours

“Ice-cream pastels, glittery golds, indigo blues and super zingy colour pops” are the popular colours this year.  Many of our radiators comes in a wide variety of colours. Here are some fantastic examples from our extensive range:

The new Mod U radiator has a mosaic-like structure and bright, bold colours that turn this radiator into an art feature.  Both the Tuba and Sherwood ranges come in an impressive array of colours and finishes.

The stunning Cortina range comes in a choice of gold, black or metallic schemes.  Each radiator is made up of different shades of polished, painted, matt, and satin tiles.  So, as well as being available in fashionable gold, it is on trend with its metallic finishes.

Radiator Finishes

In addition to metallic finishes, 2018 sees a trend for embellishments such fringing, tassels and feathers which add extra interest to all home furnishings.  Shimmery carpets also add an extra interest with their iridescent finish.  To complement any of these embellishments, you can have the option of a metallic finish with many of our radiators.  The striking Ovali range of radiators have distinctive oval tubes and come with a special textured matt finish making it an attractive addition to your home.

Geometrics designs and wall art

Modern, bold geometric designs are now the latest design on tiles, wallpaper and wall art.

The Pajak radiator has an innovative design.  It is constructed from copper pipework and the result is a piece of combined ‘hipster’ art and clever functionality.

The Metacrylic range are three dimensional.  The steel panel base is overlaid in a range of striking acrylic designs available in seven colours.  There is the square cut-out Wall, the air-bubbles of the Scuba, the interlacing leaf stems of the Flora or the large droplets that represent Rain.


Plenty of plants in the house are essential for this year and to complement this trend we have the ‘Nature’ range of radiators.  There is the Salice that represents a branch of a Willow tree; the Ribes captures the growth of a currant bush as it makes its way across a wall and the Cameli a stylised version of a camellia bush.  All of these come in a range of fashionable colours and there is a choice of brushed stainless steel, chrome or one of four galvanised finishes.

Our top designer radiators are perfect for this year’s exciting trends in interior design.  Visit one of our showrooms in Bristol, Leamington Spa, Clapham, St Albans, Islington and Brighton to see our extensive range of radiators and talk to one of our experts about your requirements. Alternatively, get in touch 01727 840344 for more information.