Never heard of marble radiators? Given marble’s cool nature, it does seem like a contradiction, but the amazing Italian designers at Livingstone have excelled with these innovative, eco-friendly and stunningly beautiful works of art – which are hot in both senses of the word!

How do you make a radiator from marble?

Livingstone radiators utilise the marble powder that’s a by-product of the marble cutting procedure. In a ground-breaking process, this powder is mixed with water and binding agents, placed into moulds by hand and left to dry naturally – the use of low temperatures in its manufacture uses less energy and therefore has lower CO2 emissions, meaning it has very low environmental impact.

And, at the end of their life, the radiators can be crushed and recycled, so if you’re looking for eco-friendly radiators, this is definitely a range to consider.

Stunning designs

As the radiators are moulded, they afford designers free rein when it comes to patterns and styles. Our favourite ones are the stone-effect Gransasso, the beehive patterned Aperoso and the delicately ‘carved’ on the Frosk. The entire Livingstone range comes with a number of colour choices giving you the chance to create a stunning centrepiece in your room.

To enhance the look of the range, thermostats are concealed on the side of the panel, which makes the radiators even more appealing. In fact, they’re so attractive, visitors may not even realise they’re radiators at all!


Livingstone radiators are also available as electric versions, making it easier to fit them in awkward places, extensions or garden rooms. They can be linked to smartphones, giving you control over the perfect temperature of your home at all times.

Good for allergies

Unlike ‘traditional’ radiators, Livingstone radiators transfer heat by radiation. Most radiators use convection, a method of heating that circulates the air and consequently moves any dust around the room which is not good for people who suffer from allergies.

Radiation transfers heat in a more gentle and direct way which does not disturb dust – great news for allergy sufferers!

We love them and think you will too – visit one of our radiator showrooms and see them for yourself!


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