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Spekkio by K8 Radiatori Radiators


Traditional Framed Mirror - Ideal for Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Hallways - Excellent Heat Outputs

The Spekkio is the one radiator in our showrooms which is constantly leading customers to ask if it is a radiator at all.

Created from highly polished steel over an aluminium base and then surrounded in a classically-style extruded aluminium frame, the Spekkio really does fulfil the role as the ultimate mirrored radiator.

And it is not just its reflective qualities that are important to consider. The aluminium base offers high levels of efficiency through its low water/high heat output capabilities offering the chance for those with ground source heat pumps to add something different but effective on to their low energy heat supply.

The frame has the option of coming in either a painted or, for a truly stunning finished product, coloured anodized.

This product is available to view in our St Albans, Brighton, Leamington Spa and Islington showrooms.

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Product Specifications

Materials Aluminium Base and Frame with polished mirror steel face.
Standard Colour RAL9010 White
Other Colours Full Range of RAL Colours and Anodized Finishes for frame.
Delivery Please allow 4 - 6 weeks
Outputs 843 - 1725 watts @ ∆t50˚
Connections Standard 50mm valve connections
Spekkio with Matt Champagne Frame Spekkio with Matt Champagne Frame
Spekkio with Black Frame Spekkio with Black Frame
Spekkio with Gold Frame Spekkio with Gold Frame

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Prices between £1,705.00 and £3,286.00

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Delivery Cost

£35.00 per unit

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K8 Special Finishes

Bright Anodized Aluminium
Natural Anodized Aluminium
Satin Anodized Aluminium
Anodized Smoke Gloss
Anodized Smoke Opaque
Anodized Steel
Anodized Matt Champagne
Adodized Matt Gold
Black Anodized
Bright Champagne
Anodized Bright Gold
Bronze Anodized

RAL Colour Chart

RAL 1013
Oyster white
RAL 1015
Light ivory
RAL 1019
Grey beige
RAL 1021
Rape yellow
RAL 2003
Pastel orange
RAL 3020
Traffic red
RAL 4009
Pastel violet
RAL 5002
Ultramarine blue
RAL 5024
Pastel blue
RAL 6029
Mint green
RAL 7035
Light grey
RAL 7036
Platinum grey
RAL 7039
Quartz grey
RAL 7044
Silk grey
RAL 8025
Pale brown
RAL 9001
RAL 9005
Jet black
RAL 9010
Pure white
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This product can be manufactured as an electric only model for an additional £450.00 including digital thermostat.

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