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Radiators for different architectural styles

One of the great things about the UK is that it is so architecturally diverse. And thanks to the popularity of TV programmes like Grand Designs and The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, property owners are being inspired to be so much more creative with their living spaces. Whether you want to embrace your property’s architectural features or would like to redesign your interior completely, remember to incorporate the right style of radiator. 

With so many different ranges of designer radiators available, you can rest assured that there will be a selection of options to suit your architectural style – and that you’ll never have to sacrifice beauty for warmth!


One of the earliest radiator designs, the cast iron columns of traditional radiators have such an enduring popularity they will never go out of style. The columns can be plain or decorated with relief designs to make them look even more authentic. However, if you want to add a modern twist to this classical radiator style, you can bring it up to date with a splash of colour - there are lots to choose from!


Industrial is another enduringly popular architectural style - especially when it comes to converted warehouses and factories. Metal column radiators such as the Horseshoe or the Ron Aluminium will really enhance this look, or for something even more eye-catching, go for a chunky style like The Big One or a shaped tubular radiator like the Ocean


Minimalist architecture has become popular again, with modern interpretations of the 1920s Bauhaus style. Many of these properties are set in stunning locations where the understated interior design serves to focus attention on the outward perspective, and therefore your radiator needs to be more discreet in style, such as a flat panel radiator that almost blends into the background. Designs such as the Outline or the Niva Soft will do a brilliant job of being attractive and efficient at the same time as being simple and unobtrusive. 


The sky’s the limit when it comes to contemporary architectural designs, whether you want to go modern, space age or eco. Beautiful futuristic shapes such as the Surf will look amazing, as will a simple feature radiator like the Gong. For a more eco-friendly style, the Livingstone range of radiators will make your rooms look gorgeous, and as they’re made from eco-friendly components, will help ensure your home is maximising its green potential. Alternatively, if you want to create a colourful living space where the radiators are as much of a feature as anything else in the room, opt for a stunning Art radiator which will make your modern space hugely stylish!

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