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Outline by Eskimo Design


Eskimo, the popular British manufacturer, releases a radiator that is a flawless fusion of beautiful lines and super-powerful heat.

It is the clarity and simplicity of the Outline’s design - clean, refreshing and remarkably rich- that ensures this one becomes one of the leading examples of feature radiator.

The inclusion of a new Hinge and Bracket system transforms the radiator into an art and enables pipework and valves to be concealed beneath the outer façade, whilst preserving the controllability.  

Available in a standard white (a RAL 9016 with a low sheen) and a number of colour options, it is also possible to colour match to RAL colours and other popular paint companies on request.

These radiators are also available in bespoke sizes should the standard sizes not quite fit, or should you have a specific space to fill.

Also available in ‘Electric-Only’ - it is now possible to take advantage of the outstanding designs following the introduction of an ‘electric-only’ version. For more details have a look at the Outline Electric.

The new "hinge and bracket" version with hidden valves is now available to view in our Islington showroom. 

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Product Specifications

Materials Steel
Standard finish RAL 9016 Traffic White (low sheen)
Colour finishes RAL colours and colour matching on request
Delivery information 4 - 6 weeks
Guarantee 5 Years
Output range 372 - 3333 watts
Outline - White Outline - White
Outline - White Outline - White
Outline - White Outline - White

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Prices between £473.00 and £1,650.00

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Delivery Cost

£35.00 per unit

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Standard Colours

Traffic White RAL 9016

RAL Colour Chart

RAL 1015
Light ivory
RAL 2011
Deep orange
RAL 3002
Carmine red
RAL 3004
Purple red
RAL 3007
Black red
RAL 3015
Light pink
RAL 3016
Coral red
RAL 3027
Raspberry red
RAL 4004
Claret violet
RAL 5013
Cobalt blue
RAL 5024
Pastel blue
RAL 7002
Olive grey
RAL 7006
Beige grey
RAL 7012
Basalt grey
RAL 7015
Slate grey
RAL 7016
Anthracite grey
RAL 7026
Granite grey
RAL 7030
Stone grey
RAL 7040
Window grey
RAL 8017
Chocolate brown
RAL 9001
RAL 9002
Grey white
RAL 9003
Signal white
RAL 9005
Jet black
RAL 9010
Pure white
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Non Standard RAL Colour Matching - per radiator £62.00
Towel Rail Attachment £107.00
Hidden Manual Valve Option £110.00
Hinge & Bracket TRV Valve Option £261.00