When you think of column radiators you probably get an image of the old-style Victorian ones. Made up of cast iron columns, sometimes beautifully embossed, they are great for period properties. However, if you want to create a more contemporary or creative space, vertical column radiators will be a perfect fit.

What is a column radiator?

Column radiators are made up of hollow tubes, through which hot water flows. The heat diffuses into the room through the spaces between the columns. Traditionally, column radiators are horizontal and made up of short vertical columns. A vertical column radiator is taller than it is wide, turning it into a focal point in the room.

Vertical column radiators are just as heat efficient as the traditional kind. All modern designer radiators are first and foremost built to ensure your rooms are at the optimum temperature for you but also give you the opportunity to enhance the look of your home.

Some of our popular vertical column radiators

If space is a problem, then the slender Aluminium Column Radiator is thin enough to squeeze into narrow vertical spaces. It’s light enough to be installed onto the wall, although you can also stand it on feet if you prefer or if your wall isn’t strong enough.

To create a big, visual impact in the room at the same time as heating it, the pleasing undulating waves of the Oslo radiator will give it a real wow factor. It’s available in a range of sizes and with a choice of single, double or criss-cross columns. It’ll look great in any room.

For an ultra-modern or industrial look, Tonda’s chunky aluminium columns will give you a huge amount of heat and look absolutely amazing.

If round columns aren’t for you, then think about the Square Tube Vertical. The sleek, square tubes will look great in any room, and can be bought as a single panel or double panel radiator depending on the size of your room.

If you want to play with structure at the same time as bringing colour and design into your room, the Sherwood radiator that’s made up of differently shaped tubes will give your room a central talking point. The Sherwood also has an electric-only option, so if you want to bring designer heat into a room that’s not connected to your central heating system, it’s easy to do so. It also means if you move home you could take it with you! Another reason to fall in love with your vertical column radiator!