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The Niva Soft is a flat panel radiator with a range of other interesting colours and finishes which help to individualise your space.

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White Fine Texture S600 (Base Chart 9)

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The Niva Soft is a fresh addition to the flat-panel radiator market. Unlike the old Niva, which had angular edges, the Niva Soft has a much softer shape that exudes warmth. The fine, textured white finish only adds to its contemporary credentials. However, there are a range of other interesting colours and finishes that help individualise the radiator.

The bracket system is also a cunning design. The Niva Soft cleverly incorporates the brackets into the radiator design, unlike many radiators whose brackets are visible when looking at the radiator side-on. Please keep in mind that the standard colour for bracketing is anthracite grey with a stock white finish. The brackets are, however, available in white at an additional cost.

With an optional aluminium towel rail, the Niva Soft becomes an ideal kitchen or bathroom radiator. Both single and double versions are available.

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Standard Colour

Fine Textured White

Delivery Information

Fine Textured White: 10-15 working days. Colours: 20 - 25 working days.


10 Years

Output Range

614 - 1489 watts @ Δt 50ºC


Underneath central 50mm

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