The kitchen is often seen as the ‘heart of the home’. It’s the place where you gather with family and friends to cook, eat and talk, so it is hugely important that this room feels cosy. When it comes to finding the best radiator for your kitchen, we have a large range of designer radiators and towel rails that will suit your every need.

Altima Spa

The Altima Spa is a stunning, contemporary-looking radiator that comes in a range of colours. It is available in a dual-fuel model, which means it can be centrally heated in the winter and then switched to electrical energy in the summer. This offers a lot more flexibility and control than standard radiators and towel rails, as they can be used when your main central heating system is turned off.


The SuperMirror is the ultimate in modern radiator design. The stainless steel mirror effect will leave people wondering whether it is even a radiator at all! This radiator also has a ‘hidden valve’ system that hides all pipe and valve work, taking it above and beyond any standard radiator. The SuperMirror works spectacularly in areas where natural light needs to be channelled, such as in a kitchen.

Niva Soft

This is a new addition to the flat panel radiator market, with its smooth white contemporary finish adding to its stunning and warm design. When looking side-on, unlike other radiators, the Niva Soft’s design hides all brackets. It also has the option of adding an aluminium towel rail, making it even more useful.

Arcadia Mirror

This unique mirror radiator is perfect for narrow spaces, which makes it a great fit for a kitchen. The Arcadia combines good heat output with a stylish mirror design to merge style and utility. If you place it by the a, the mirror is great at bringing the outdoors into your room.

Cobra Therm

The stunning curvy bends of the Cobra Therm make it an excellent addition to your kitchen, combining a spectacular design with lots of space to hang tea towels! As well as the standard central heating model, this also comes in an electrical version.

As most kitchens don’t have much wall space due to cupboards and appliances, one of our top designer radiators will be perfect for any size kitchen and requirement.

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