When deciding on the colour scheme for your new decor, there are many things to take into account; after all, the colours you select for your home are a direct reflection of your personality and style. Many people overlook this factor and do not spend much time on making sure that the colour scheme not only suits their design but also complements the room size and lighting. This is a definite oversight as colour affects us every day and can even influence our emotions.

It is not necessary to follow the latest trends in order to have a beautiful home – after all, colour styles will come and go. By selecting colours that suit your preferences and personality whilst taking into account the furniture, wall art, soft furnishings and even radiator colour palettes will ensure you achieve the perfect blend and individual style combination.

The use of colour has the power to alter the shape, feel and size of your room. Selecting colours will not be daunting as long as you equip yourself with some basic knowledge, and keep in mind that each colour has a psychological value. Think about how certain colours make you feel; they can influence any emotion, from calm to passion.

There are three basic ways that room colour affects emotions: active, passive and neutral. Knowing this will allow you to easily match each room’s colour to its intended purpose, your personal taste and your desired effect. Remember, lighter colours are expansive, clean and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter, so perfect if your room has little natural light. Darker colours are decadent and warm, offering larger rooms a more luxurious, intimate and cosy feeling.

What happens if you have decided on light colours to enhance the room size, but would also like a colour pop in the room? Or if you have selected dark warming colours and would like to add a unique touch of colour to the design? Well this is where using radiators as a design feature, and not just a heating source, comes into its own.

There are many different styles of radiators on the market now, including our fabulous Art range. These radiators are stunning works of art in themselves! Indeed some of these art radiators are incredibly unique, such as the Arteplano where no two are made the same. They not only add stylish wall art to the room but also provide an economical heating source as well.

However, if you would like a more traditional-style radiator, one of our aluminium radiators, the Ekos 95, would be the perfect addition. Besides being an attractive feature in any room or hall way, this particular range is available in a stunning selection of 25 colours, from jet black to ruby red. In addition to its obvious design benefits, being a sectional radiator means it is completely adaptable in order to suit your requirements. It is available in over 200 combinations based on 11 heights and additional sections can be simply added to obtain the required width or heat output.

So, if you are planning to spruce up a room, do not forget to spend time considering the colours you will use. And if you require any assistance in selecting a stylish radiator to enhance your design, we are here to help!