There’s no doubt that the trend for vertical radiators is here to stay. Bold, versatile and decorative, they are industrial engineering brought into the residential setting. As an in-home dinner party conversation piece they excel because, put simply, they look great.

Why go vertical?

Vertical radiators are more of a statement piece than horizontal radiators, giving you the freedom to be creative. In the past, they were more likely to be used in the bathroom, but now there are designer vertical radiators for every room, so you can use them to make a bold statement on a feature wall or fit it snuggly into the narrowest space.

There are some rooms where the available space isn’t suited to horizontal radiators, especially in those with fittings on the walls such as bathrooms and kitchens. And for a modern kitchen extension or kitchen diner, where wall space has been replaced by window space, slim, tall vertical radiators fit perfectly, whether it’s on structural pillars or next to bi-fold doors.

Five popular black vertical radiator designs

There is a growing trend for black vertical radiators. Available in a vast array of designs, finishes and colours, we’ve picked five of our favourite black vertical radiators as a guide to help you heat your home in style. We’ve gone for a range of purpose-led designs so there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy.


There are bold looking radiators, then there’s the Square Tube Vertical.   Stunning and sleek in black, the vertical is available in two heights and numerous widths so it doesn’t matter what your room size or shape is, you’ll find one that fits. The option of a towel bar or robe hooks make the Square Tube Vertical a versatile radiator, suitable for any room.


Think of this one as the little black dress of radiators. The Versatile Vertical Steel Panel is a radiator that will look fantastic in any and every room, and the black version looks even better against a brightly coloured background. The radiator itselfs sits close to the wall, so is ideal for smaller rooms.


The RT25 Vertical combines traits of minimalism with impressive design and functionality. It’s circular tubing gives it an interesting shape, and you have the option of double tubing for extra heat. The RT25 is understated and will complement any room.


If you are in the market for a statement piece, then the black version of the ‘big and beefy’ RT35 Vertical will fit the bill. Its impressive stature and style belies the fact its slightly flattened circular tubing creates an increase in surface area, which means it’ll deliver a higher heat output.

Floor Mounted

Looking for something a little extra-unusual? The innovative floor mounted Zebtoo brings the raw industrial look right into your home. With a network of fins around the U-shaped tubing, the Zebtoo is an  eye-catching, steam-punk of a radiator. A real talking point!