Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators can help you make the most of your wall space. They can be the same size as the more traditional horizontal radiator, but with a narrow width, they give you more options for how you arrange the rest of the room. Alternatively, install one simply because it looks great!

Our range of vertical designer radiators is created to be seen. With a wide choice of designs and colours, they’re meant to be an eye-catching addition to your interior design. They don’t even need to be rectangular – some, like the Surf, are shaped and curvy, which adds an extra dimension to your room.

Tube radiators

Vertical radiators that are made up of a series of tubes are gaining in popularity. The Ocean provides a mesmerising ripple effect that’s reminiscent of watching waves gently lapping against the shoreline. The Ocean has a sister radiator, the Oslo, which comes from the same manufacturer, but the shorter waves give it a more energetic feel, which would work well in rooms where there’s usually lots of activity.

If you’re aiming for a more industrial look, the grille-like Veneto Stainless Steel radiator is sturdy and utilitarian-looking but still very attractive. And with a 20-year guarantee, it won’t need replacing any time soon.

To make your room more vibrant, try the Sherwood which is made up of different-sized bars that give it a very interesting overall look. It’s a design that comes to life when it’s painted in bright colours, giving your room a playful sense of fun. Another fun design is the Tonda, a radiator made of chunky aluminium tubes that demand attention but won’t dominate the room.

If you’re thinking of something that’s even more eccentric, the Hot Spring is coiled and ready for action. It is a spring, like a car’s shock absorber, and will add a sense of whimsy to your room.

Flat panel radiators

Vertical flat panel radiators will add a touch of class to your wall. The Niva Soft is a simple but elegant flat panel radiator with smoothed edges. With the addition of a towel rail radiator, it’s perfect for bathrooms. It comes in a wide variety of colour options meaning you’ll be able to match it to the theme of your room, whether you want it to blend in seamlessly or add a splash of colour.

If you’re looking for something less plain, the Gong’s hand-patinated surfaces mean every radiator has a slightly different finish making each one unique. The Gong radiator can also be custom made to any size, so if you have an awkward space that a standard-sized radiator wouldn’t fit into, this could be the one for you.

Another unusual vertical radiator that will add interest to your room is the Livingstone Gransasso. Named after Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain, this radiator is hand moulded to resemble chiselled rock, creating a hugely attractive finish and a great talking point. It is a sustainable, eco-friendly radiator made from recycled marble dust, and it is fully recyclable at the end of its life… although that won’t be for many years yet!

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