Smart technology is helping us control our homes at a more granular level than ever before. Smart technology not only makes our lives easier but also helps us reduce utility bills as it means we can switch things off when we’re not at home. It also helps us to successfully protect our homes through door entry systems, as well as enabling us to turn lights on and close curtains to make it look like someone’s in. No wonder it’s becoming more and more popular. 

Setting up your smart home is not just about getting yourself the latest smart speaker, so you will have to do your research before you start. At the moment, there is no universal standard and there are a number of different systems available, which don’t ‘talk’ to each other. This means you need to make sure your smart products are compatible with your chosen system and what works best with your phone platform. New systems are being introduced all the time, so it’s wise to look further than just Alexa or Echo, such as Delta Dore, Lutron and Loxone. Often each system has products that are only compatible with its own operating system, making it essential that you do your research before investing to ensure you get the right technology. 

The advantages of smart heating

Controlling your heating without the need to be physically at home means you’ll only use (and pay for) heat when you need it. Having your heating on a more traditional timer system is good, but if you’re home later than expected, you’re heating an empty house unnecessarily. Or if you get home unexpectedly early, you can only turn the heating on once you’re inside and have to wait for it to get to a comfortable temperature. With a smart control, you can adjust the heating while you’re out and about so it’s always nice and cosy at exactly the right time. 

In the UK, we all know how strange the weather can be, and there will be days that start off warm and sunny but end up bitterly cold and hailing. If this happens, you can just turn up the heating wherever you are and set off safe in the knowledge that you’ll get home to a toasty house. 

How many times have you gone away for a weekend having forgotten to turn the heating off or down so you don’t waste energy when you’re not at home? It’s also possible that you might go away for a few days and hear about an unexpectedly warm spell or cold snap happening back home. As long as you can get a signal, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a ski slope or lying on a tropical beach, you can sort the problem out there and then. No worries! 

Smart ways to save energy

Using smart apps to control your heating as well as your lighting and electricity usage can be an effective energy-saving tool. By keeping an eye on how much energy you use, you can

work out when you can use less without affecting your comfort. By connecting so many elements of your home, you’ll always be in control.