Garden offices are perfect for the self-employed or for employees whose companies have adopted remote or hybrid working practices. So-called ‘shed working’ has been around for years, but it surged during the pandemic, and ready-made garden offices have become big business. One of the main requirements in a garden office is, of course, heat.

While it’s idyllic to work at the bottom of the garden in the summer, as soon as the weather cools, you’re really going to notice it. That’s when you’ll be most in need of an efficient radiator. 

The best source of heat for a garden office is an electric radiator. All our designer models are efficient enough to cope with the UK winter, and they are all programmable. Some are WiFi enabled which means you can control them from your phone, so you’ll always have heat when you need it (or not if you don’t). 

As many of our designer radiators have electric models, your garden office will always look as good as your home’s interior and will also impress clients on Zoom calls! 

Our new Campa range

The Campastyle Kubes Electric radiator has an unusual look in the form of a patterned facade that gives a pleasing optical illusion of cubes. A radiator like this will make your garden office look professional at the same time as welcoming and quirky. 

If you want sleek and shiny, or even mirrored, the Campaver Ultime Electric will look stunning in any setting. It comes in 14 different sizes, so it doesn’t matter how small or large your garden office, there’s a model that will be perfect for it. 

When it comes to innovation, Campa offers the Neo Electric, which gives an ultra-modern look with sleekly elegant curves and ambient lighting. Despite its modest appearance, it will never go unnoticed. 

For elegant simplicity, the Reverso Electric provides a beautiful but understated option in white, anthracite or a lighter shade of grey. It’s the perfect professional accompaniment to your garden office. 

All Campa radiators come with Presence and Absence Detection, and Open Window Detection, which means you’ll only be using power when you’re physically in your office, helping you to keep your utilities costs as low as possible. 

Electric designer radiators that make a statement

If you want a nature theme in your garden office, try the Aperoso Electric from the Livingstone range. Moulded from recycled marble dust, it has a beehive pattern that’s been made to look naturally imperfect. While it won’t attract bees to your garden, it may provide a reminder to plant flowers that do! The radiator is programmable, and it has various options including frost protection, auto mode and eco mode. 

For something that’s completely off the wall (while staying firmly on the wall of course), the Pajak Electric is a fun pipe radiator with a steampunk vibe. What’s more, there are also wooden hooks built into the design, so you can keep your coat warm and ready for the long walk to the back door at the end of the working day. 

If you would like to see our range of electric designer radiators for yourself, please visit one of our radiator showrooms, where we will also be very happy to advise you on the best size of radiator to keep your garden office warm and cosy.