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Low horizontal radiators

Some houses, especially old ones, can have small or oddly-shaped rooms which can present you with problems when it comes to deciding where to place radiators. Other houses have picture windows which give wonderful views of the garden, but don’t allow much space to put a radiator underneath; the same is true for conservatories.

It’s in situations like these that low horizontal radiators come into their own. Despite being smaller than standard radiators, they are a lot more efficient than their size suggests. And designer horizontal radiators can be a stylish talking point in their own right.

Old Skool Bench

If you have a small space and can’t decide whether to fill it with a radiator or a chair, there is a perfect compromise! The Old Skool Bench is a solid oak seat on top of a radiator, making it perfect for that person in your household who’s always cold! Many of our clients have installed it in their conservatories, bathrooms and hallways.

Deco Louvre Single Horizontal

The angled horizontal slats of the Deco Louvre designer radiator give it an original look which you can tailor to the design of your room thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes available. The radiator comes in a different range of heights from 310mm upwards.

Perla Horizontal Radiator

The Perla is made up of tubes. As it comes in a range of sizes and colours, it can be used in almost any room of the house, however large or small.

Linea Plus Free Standing
The Linea Plus is a tried and tested radiator which has proved to be an energy efficient way of heating a room. Available in a range of finishes and colours, this free-standing radiator can be placed anywhere it’s needed.


The Convector is a compact and unobtrusive radiator that, in our experience, is most often placed in conservatories or in front of full-length windows.


The unusual finned tubular shape of the Zeb floor standing radiator will make your heat source an integral part of the room’s design.

Versatile Convector

If you need a small radiator to give out big heat, the Versatile Convector will fit almost anywhere you need it. It’s available in four different heights, comes in any length up to 3m long, and is available in any RAL colour. 

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