Radiators are commonly associated with central heating systems that use the hot water produced by our boilers to warm the home. However, things are now changing thanks to the improved energy efficiency of electric radiators. Styles are changing as well, with different materials being used. Some are even capable of adding an artistic air to a room – a far cry from the old white boxes that so many of us are used to.

Radiators now come in a variety of shapes and sizes too, so there will almost always be a solution available for any type of room, regardless of its dimensions. In fact, when it comes to selecting a new radiator for a room, one of the first decisions will concern both size and shape.  It is also important to use the BTU and Watt Calculator to ascertain the required heat output for your room. Thankfully, we now have a choice:

Vertical radiators

These stand upright and emit their heat right into the central room space. Because they are often tall enough to be easily seen, they offer the opportunity to be more stylistic than floor models. There are many options of designer radiators that can add a beautiful element to the overall feel of a room. Their slender profile also intrudes less on furniture placement options, making them perfect for smaller spaces.

Horizontal radiators

This is a more traditional option. Horizontal radiators stretch out over a few linear feet, and they release their heat into the room in a broader fashion. They are usually placed beneath windows to counter the cooler air temperature typically found there and to lessen the amount of wall space being taken up in a room. If positioned elsewhere they can intrude on furniture placement, as setting a sofa in front of a floor radiator will block the heat from entering the room.

Careful evaluation of the size and shape of a room will assist in deciding which style of the radiator is best for you.

We’ve got a wide range of radiators and are happy to help you choose the right one. Please contact us for expert advice.


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