Make the most of our new Heat Calculator! A simple tool designed to help you work out how much heat you require from the radiators in your room.

As part of the updates on our new website, we wanted to make it easier for users to find the requirements they need for their heating and as such, the new heat calculator allows you to get an estimate of the Watts and BTU’s required for the different types of rooms you have.

Important factors to increase accuracy

We don’t just look at the size room, but also incorporate the following important factors:

  • The type of room (bedroom, bathroom etc)
  • What is above or below the room (concrete floor, flat roof etc)
  • The type of outside walls (brick cavity, wood frame insulated etc)
  • The number of outside walls
  • The type of windows
  • Total Sq Meters of windows

These factors help to give you a more accurate estimate for the heating you require.

Helping tradesmen and everyday customers

Its simple design enables the average user for a quick enquiry and also provides the tradesman with an everyday simple go-to tool. With the added benefit of being able to save multiple rooms down one side of the screen, as well as being able to print your details quickly, this should help you with organising multiple enquiries.

Try the new Heat Calculator for yourself!

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