At The Radiator Centre, we are passionate about everything to do with radiators. No longer are radiators simply functional objects placed in a room to provide heat – these days they are features in their own right and choosing the right one is an important decision.

We have therefore come up with a comprehensive list of everything you could need to know about heating your home on our recently updated FAQs page. We have literally covered every conceivable angle to help you choose the right product for you. From working out the heat output you require – with our handy Heat Calculator tool – to the best place to position your radiator, our FAQs will help you with the entire process.

When the heat is on

We have a detailed technical section where you can establish what pipework and type of boilers work with different types of radiators. There is also a section devoted to troubleshooting with everything from how to bleed a radiator to what to do if your radiator is leaking.

Choices, choices

Of course the best bit about buying something new is the choosing process. Nowadays there is a wide choice of styles, finishes and colours and again we have a section to try and demystify some of the choices and offer guidance and advice.

Although we are confident we have covered everything you could possibly need to know on our FAQs we are always delighted to hear from our customers in person and so if you have anything you wish to discuss please call us on 01727 840344. Alternatively email us at or even better still pop in and we can discuss all your radiator needs in detail!