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Pajak by Terma


Copper is the metal of choice amongst discerning interior designers at the moment and the Pajak has capitalised on this through an excellent piece of innovative construction.

Formed from copper pipe work and a variety of angles and joins, the result is a piece of combined 'hipster' art and clever functionality providing an ideal solution for loft-style interiors or a surprising décor element in traditional homes. Over time the natural patina appearing on the surface of the Pajak will further enrich its aesthetic appeal. The addition of hanging bars and wooden knobs just serves to enhance its functionality in corridors and halls.

There are 9 sizes that can be accommodated in almost any room and an electric version is also available here.

This radiator comes with valves included.

This product is available to view in our Brighton, St Albans and Clapham showrooms.

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Product Specifications

Material Copper
Standard Finish Copper
Bespoke Finishes n/a
Delivery Info. 4 - 6 weeks
Outputs 300 - 582 watts at ∆t50˚
Connections 1/2" Underneath Connections
Pajak Pajak
Pajak Pajak
Pajak Detail Pajak Detail
Pajak Detail Pajak Detail

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Prices between £886.33 and £1,102.92

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Delivery Cost

£25.00 per unit

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