The importance of the outdoors and nature has become abundantly clear to us during the lockdowns. Having a connection with the natural environment is hugely important to our mental health and physical wellbeing. But this is the UK and, as we’ve discovered throughout this year’s cold, damp Spring, being outdoors isn’t always fun, even when it’s your only chance of having a social life. So if there’s a way to bring the outside into your home to give you a chance to enjoy it in comfort, that’s surely a win. 

Mirror radiators

It’s a well-known interior design device to place mirrors in the room that will reflect the natural daylight and the view from outside, bringing them into the room. How much better would that be if that mirror kept you warm at the same time! Mirror radiators such as the SuperMirror and Campa Ultimtime Electric are a great addition to a garden room or conservatory. As they can be wall mounted, they’ll also enable you to make better use of the space in the room. 

Great for inside/outside spaces

If your room has bifold windows that enable you to feel as though you’re outside even though you’re not, mirror radiators can really come into their own. There are many Spring and Autumn days when you feel it’d be lovely to sit in the fresh air and enjoy your garden, but it’s just a bit too chilly to be properly outside. A mirror radiator will provide the warmth you need, and you can also keep an eye on how grey the clouds are so you can close the doors before it starts raining. 

Electric mirror radiators

You can also get electric mirror radiators, such as the Campaver Ultime, enabling you to place them where they’re best suited to bringing the outside in without moving your central heating pipes – a process that would be both messy and expensive. Electric mirror radiators are also perfect if you’ve built a home office at the bottom of the garden – just because you’re working, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely view, and there’s evidence that even just seeing photos of the natural environment can boost productivity. 

The Campa electric radiators can be operated via a free app or by an integrated control box. They also come with Presence and Absence Detection as well as Open Window Detection, ensuring minimal energy is wasted. 

Bringing warmth into north-facing rooms

North-facing rooms are always the darkest and coldest ones in the house. You can use mirror radiators to reflect the natural light and bring it into the room – they will make it look warmer and more inviting at the same time as producing actual heat.

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