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Standard Roll-Up Aluminium Grilles


Standard Roll-Up Aluminium Grilles are available in four finishes - Natural Aluminium (RNA), Black Anodized (RBL), Dark Brown (RDB) and Brass Coloured (RBR). The grille frame will be supplied in a matching finishing. Each grille will be so constructed as to be able to ‘Roll ‐ Up’ to give full access to the trench beneath.

Both grille and frame are lacquered in a scratch resistant epoxy-polyester powder, sprayed electrostatically and baked at a temperature of 200 °C. The result is a finish that is durable and UV Resistant so reducing damage from scratches, chips and colour fading.

Roll-Up Aluminium Grille - Key Characteristics

Crossways positioned aluminium slats.

(5 x 23 mm) with 10 mm space between. The slats are interconnected by a galvanized steel spring and fixed in the correct distance by aluminium spacers in the same colour.


Free air flow is 70 %. No Correction Factor has been applied to the heat outputs quoted.


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Black Standard Aluminium Grille (RBL) Black Standard Aluminium Grille (RBL)
Brass Coloured Standard Aluminium Grille (RBR) Brass Coloured Standard Aluminium Grille (RBR)
Dark Brown Standard Aluminium Grille (RDB) Dark Brown Standard Aluminium Grille (RDB)
Natural Aluminium Standard Aluminium Grille (RNA) Natural Aluminium Standard Aluminium Grille (RNA)

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