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Vintage by Vasco


'Retro-Chic', 'Steampunk' - these are terms that aptly apply to the Vintage Steel Column radiator.

Whilst high tech in its design and manufacture, offering great size options and heat outputs, it still manages to look traditional and authentic. Being sectional and adaptable, it fits in perfectly suited to large, high-ceilinged rooms where a lot of heat is needed.

The Vintage is popular not just for its imaginative, authentic look, but also its range of contemporary colours.  The standard finish is white, but the 'transparent coating' only further enhances its steampunk credentials. There is also the option of floor or wall mounting.

This product is available to view in both our Islington, Clapham, St Albans and Brighton showrooms.

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Product Specifications

Material Steel
Standard Finish Fine Textured White (S600)
Special Finishes Full range of contemporary including transparent coating.
Delivery 15-30 Working days
Guarantee 10 Years
Output Range 550-4350W @ ∆t50
Connections 1/2" BSP Bottom Opposite Ends
Vintage Detail Vintage Detail
Vintage in Transparent Coating Vintage in Transparent Coating
Vintage in Transparent Coating Detail Vintage in Transparent Coating Detail
Vintage in White Vintage in White

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Prices between £330.00 and £1,283.00

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Delivery Cost

£25.00 per unit

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Vasco Colours

RAL 9016 Traffic White
RAL 9003 Signal White
RAL 7047 Tele Grey 4
RAL 7046 Tele Grey 2
RAL 7040 Window Grey
RAL 7031 Blue Grey
Slate Grey
Brown Grey
Warm Grey
Dust Grey
Platina Grey
RAL 9005 Jet Black
RAL 9010 Pure White
Light Beige
Quarts Brown
Rust Brown
Dark Brown
Light Rose
RAL 9001 Cream White
Light Blue
Light Purple
Light Yellow
Sand Light
Mist White
Mint Green
RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
Claret Violet
Carmine Red
Melon Yellow
Purple Red
Blood Red
Night Blue
Yellow Green
Moss Green
Pigeon Blue
Grey Anthracite
Brown Black
Grey Aluminium
White Aluminium
Brown January
Grey White January
Aluminium Grey January
Black January
Anthracite January
Warm Green
Grey Green
Jade Green
Forest Green
Grey Blue
Mid Blue
Dark Blue

Standard Colours

S600 White Fine Texture
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