Curved & Flat Bathroom Towel Rails

Having a warm bathroom is one of life’s little luxuries; there’s nothing worse than having a shower and stepping out into a freezing cold room. One way to make the bathroom that little bit warmer and more inviting is to install modern towel rail radiator. These simple towel rails can warm your room or bathroom – although, we would also recommend an actual radiator in your bathroom in addition to a towel rail – and will make sure that your towels are nice and snug at any time of the day. We have a big selection of designer towel rail radiatorstraditional towel rails and stainless steel towel rail radiators are available in both curved and flat designs so you should have no problem finding something to go with your bathroom.

Towel Radiators have proved ever popular in family bathrooms and kitchens due to its simplicity of design combined with a certain elegance and functionality. The wide choice of sizes ensures compatibility with all ranges of heating output requirements and is suitable for use in radiator or under floor heating based systems. Modern living styles have resulted in a growth of this type of towel warmer in extended situations such as utility rooms where its drying and storage characteristics come into their own.

Please note – chrome finishes produce approximately 30% less heat output than standard white.

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