As winter approaches, it’s essential that your home is well-equipped for cold weather. And that means having a radiator that will keep it warm and toasty.

One of the major deciding factors when choosing the right radiator is how quickly and efficiently it heats your space. While there are a variety of materials available, aluminium radiators are often considered to have the highest heat output of any type.

In this blog, we discuss the best heating radiators and how to decide which one is right for you this winter

Factors Affecting Heating Speed

What factors influence how quickly radiators heat up?

  1. Size of the radiator: The size of a radiator will impact the speed at which it heats up. Larger radiators have a greater surface area, which allows them to distribute more heat more quickly while smaller radiators are more energy efficient.
  2. Material used in construction: Some materials, such as aluminium, are better conductors of heat than others. Aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor and has the ability to heat up very quickly.
  3. Design and shape: Radiator design and shape can also affect heating speed. For example, radiators with fins or ribs have a greater surface area, which allows them to get to the desired temperature very quickly.
  4. Heating technology: Convection radiators heat the air around them, which then circulates and heats the room, whereas radiant radiators heat objects directly, without heating the air in between. Radiant radiators tend to heat up more quickly than convection radiators.

Radiator Types That Heat Up Quickly

Convection Radiators

How do convection radiators work?

In a convection radiator, the hot water is circulated through a tube, surrounded by small fins which increase the contact surface with the surrounding air. The hot air then rises up and attracts cooler air to the appliance.

Pros and cons of convection radiators

  • More energy efficient
  • Quicker to bring the room up to temperature
  • No residual heat
  • Not very effective for heating large spaces
  • Can accumulate dust

Radiant Radiators

How do radiant radiators work?

Radiant radiators generate heat internally which is transmitted through electromagnetic waves. The interception of these waves by any object causes them to be converted into heat. The radiant energy is absorbed by objects in the room and warms the space in a similar way that your clothes absorb the sun’s light.

Pros and cons of radiant radiators

  • Can be costly and difficult to install
  • Limited to certain spaces

Best Radiators for Heat Output

So which radiators actually have the best heat output?

Aluminium radiators are known to provide the best heat output as they have the highest potential BTU (British Thermal Unit) output possible. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that every aluminium radiator has a higher heat output than every steel radiator. Stainless steel radiators are also good heat conductors and heat up relatively quickly – definitely a lot faster than cast iron radiators. And they also retain heat quite well.

At The Radiator Centre, our best radiators for heat output are the aluminium Vasco radiators, made by a Belgium based manufacturer that uses the latest technology and contemporary design. If you’re looking for a radiator with a unique textural effect that appears to be an art piece rather than a source of heat, we suggest the Bryce radiator. It’s available in a variety of colours so you can choose the perfect one for your space, while enjoying fast and efficient heating.

Tips for Choosing the Right Radiator

  • Consider the specific heating needs of your space – use our Heat Calculator to estimate how much heat your room needs.
  • Evaluate the size and design of the radiator – choose a radiator that will complement the size of your room as well as the décor of your home.
  • Consider energy efficiency heating – investing in an energy-efficient radiator might save you money on gas bills.
  • Use proper installation – radiators should be installed by a qualified professional to ensure safety and proper installation.

Find the best radiators for heat output

As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to invest in your central heating. Luckily, we stock some of the UK’s best radiators and efficient heating solutions for a cosy home.

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