Many property owners have now incorporated elements of smart technology into their homes. You can answer the doorbell, turn the lights off and on, and open and close the curtains from wherever you are in the world, as well as control the heating and home entertainment. 

Smart technology is not only convenient, it also gives us more control over our day-to-day lives. If you’re unexpectedly late leaving work, or on holiday, it gives you the ability to turn on the lights and close the curtains. Not only does this make it look like someone’s at home, which is good from a security point of view, by closing the curtains you can help retain heat in each room, so your heating system doesn’t need to work so hard to keep your home warm. 

In fact there are many ways that smart heating technology can help you save money on your energy bills – something we are all extremely aware of at the moment. 

Every saving helps

The ability to control your heating remotely means you can control every aspect of it. And this means you’ll never need to have the heating on when you’re not there. It doesn’t matter what time you leave work or how long a break you’re away for, you don’t need to have the heating on until you’re on your way home. 

If you wanted to, you could wait until you wake up in the morning and turn the heating on without even getting out of bed! Great if you like a lie-in at the weekends, and maybe it’ll also be a way of discouraging the kids from getting out of bed and disturbing you too early!  

A smart heating system will also enable you to turn the heating off or down when you’re not at home, saving energy use and cost. Climate change is making our weather more unpredictable, so if there’s an unexpected rise in temperature in the winter, you can schedule the heating to come on later than usual, turn down the thermostat, or turn the heating off completely. 

You can also control the temperature of individual rooms, meaning that if there are rooms that aren’t being used, you can turn down the thermostat. So if your teenager has gone out for the night, you can reduce the temperature in their room without even having to go in there! 

Get smart

Smart technology has other advantages. Some systems can detect when no one’s home and automatically turn the heating off. Others will help you analyse your energy usage. And most will also enable you to control the hot water system. 

Radiators are our speciality, and all our staff members are experts in the field. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend which is the best technology for you to control your heating system with. What we can do is recommend the best designer radiators that will give you the best heat output for the lowest energy input, as well as energy efficient radiators and electric radiators that will help you make the most of your heating at the same time as using less energy. Visit your nearest showroom to find out more.