Offering the kind of timeless elegance that will be fashionable at any time, designer radiators will always be on trend. Having said that, there are trends in designer radiators that are well worth looking at. Here are our most fashionable radiator ranges.


We talk about the Livingstone range of designer radiators a lot, but that’s because they’re incredible! And they’re bang on trend when it comes to sustainability. So if you’re creating a home that’s based on eco-friendly principles, what could be better than a recycled and fully recyclable radiator? They’re made from recycled marble dust which is a by-product of the marble cutting process. Mixed with a binding agent, the marble dust can be moulded into any shape and pattern. Once moulded, the material is dried naturally, saving on energy use and making them even more eco-friendly. 

And when, eventually, you need to replace your radiators (though that won’t be for many years), every part of your Livingstone radiator can be recycled, including the marble, which can be crumbled back down to dust and reused. 

Quite apart from their sustainability credentials, you can’t ignore the fact that Livingstone radiators are absolutely stunning

Energy efficiency 

You don’t need us to tell you about the recent price hikes in your fuel bills. For this reason alone, we are expecting a huge upturn in the popularity of energy efficient radiators. Using a specially designed heat exchanger, energy efficient radiators are able to achieve the same results as standard radiators but use 90% less water. This means you will dramatically decrease the amount of fuel used to heat the water needed, saving money and cutting back on your carbon footprint.  

Radiators as features

You need to keep your home warm, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with ugly radiators. Radiator designers are taking advantage of improved technology to produce radiators that are creative, fun and great to look at. The trend is now to have radiators that add aesthetic value to the room, so where you’d once have used space to hang art, you can now hang a radiator. This has the additional benefit of allowing you to put more furniture against the walls, so you can make better use of the space without blocking any heat. 

Some great examples of feature radiators include the Camelia Nature Radiator, which uses a simple relief pattern that turns an ordinary radiator into a work of art. If you prefer something painted, then have a look at the Frame range, which puts the hottest art in the centre of your living space. Or, if you’re going for a more modern or industrial look, how about Designer Aluminium Radiators , big, beautiful column radiators that are impossible to ignore. 

Vertical radiators 

Vertical radiators have been bang on trend for a long time. They’re popular because they allow you to make the most of a small or awkwardly shaped room without compromising on temperature. As they’re vertical, they are a lot more visible in the room, which is why people opt for designer vertical radiators. Perhaps you prefer a more traditional look like the Square Tube Vertical, a shape that gives a more interesting look like the Oslo, or something that doubles up as a mirror like the Spekkio

You can have any colour you like

To paraphrase Henry Ford, in the old days, you could have a radiator painted any colour you wanted so long as it was white. But nowadays, adding colour to your home is much more on trend. And demand for colourful radiators is high. Most of our designer radiators have a choice of colours and finishes, so you could stick to white… or add a splash of pink, yellow, blue, grey, bronze, gold or virtually any colour you like. 

Visit your nearest radiator showroom to see the latest designer radiators and join the hottest style revolution.