If you’ve gone through all the trouble to renovate your bathroom, shower, ensuite, wet room or kitchen, finish the look by installing a  designer towel rail. Heated towel rails look beautiful, they’ll keep your bathroom as cosy as you want it, and they’ll ensure that you always have a warm, dry towel when you need it!  

Dual fuel towel rails 

One of the best things about heated towel rails is that the majority come with a dual-fuel option. Dual fuel towel rails are plumbed into your heating system which is more cost-effective when you need to heat your entire home, but you can also switch them to independent electric power, enabling them to provide warmth just to your bathroom at those times of the year when it’s not chilly enough to justify turning the central heating on, but you do still want to have a warm bathroom as well as hot fluffy towels. 

Electric bathroom towel rails 

Another alternative is a fully electric radiator or towel rail. These can be especially useful if you’re adding an en suite, or doing an attic conversion and don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of extending the central heating system. Some of our electric towel rails are also smart radiators which will give you even more control over when you want to heat your bathroom. 

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Designer towel rails 

If you have a lot of people in your household, or you just like particularly fluffy towels, then have a look at the Poll towel rail. It’s been cleverly designed so that some of the bars project forward so all your towels will get the benefit of the heat at the same time as making the most of the space. 

For an upmarket, traditional look, the Belgravia will provide your bathroom with an understated elegance that will nevertheless give your bathroom a wow factor. Indeed such a classic look belongs in a stately home! But as a modern luxury, it’ll be an extremely practical addition to your own home, with plenty of space on it for all the family’s towels to stay nice and toasty. For smaller bathrooms, the  Chelsea will give you the same wow factor at the same time as saving space. 

If you’re going for something unusual that doesn’t even look like a towel rail, the  Treo might fit the bill. Its three large porthole-like rings not only enhance the look of the radiator, they also provide you with convenient spaces in which to keep your towels neat and tidy. 

For more modest budgets

The Essential Straight Towel Rail and the Essential Curved Towel Rail are our most popular towel rails and it’s not difficult to see why. The ladder design is perfect for hanging towels on, and both models come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. This means that whatever the size of your bathroom or your interior design, there’s a towel rail that will look amazing. And while these towel rails have the designer look, they don’t have the designer price tag!  

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