Not all radiators need to be on the wall. Trench grille radiators use convector units that are installed in trenches. The heat is produced underneath the floor. Cool air is pulled into the trench, heated and then distributed, producing even heat throughout the room. The efficiency of the airflow can be enhanced with the addition of quiet fans. As trench grille radiators are often installed around the perimeter of the room, they are often in front of patio windows, bifold doors and bay windows, further helping to eliminate cold spots. 

The amount of heat produced is determined by the size of the trench. The Standard size is suitable for larger rooms, rooms with a lot of glass – such as conservatories – and spaces with large windows. Alternatively, the Micro Canal is suitable for smaller rooms and requires a shallower trench than the Standard – it’s only 60mm deep, which makes it easy to be retrofitted into any room. The Micro Canal can even be installed across joists.

Trench grille radiators are energy efficient 

A huge advantage of trench heating is its energy efficiency, which makes it economical to run. The trench grille element heats rapidly and only uses a small amount of water to give a high heat output. Heating a small amount of water to produce the same amount of heat as a traditional radiator results in clear energy savings. Trench grille heating is suitable for ground source and air source heat pump systems. The system can be controlled independently or integrated into your building’s heating system. 

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Further advantages of trench grille radiators 

Energy efficiency isn’t the only advantage of installing trench grille radiators. The most obvious is that they allow you to make the most of the space in your room because there are no wall radiators to take into consideration. The trench is covered with a grille, which is an obvious safety requirement, but the grilles will form a major part of your room’s aesthetic. There is a wide range of grilles to choose from, including steel, aluminium or different shades of wood. Whatever the floor covering in the rest of the room, there will be a grille to complement it. We can even make a bespoke one in cast iron or brass. And if you get bored with your grille, it’s easy enough to replace it. 

Health benefits of trench grille heating 

The way trench heating works means it’s good for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. There is less air turbulence with trench heating than there is with traditional radiators, which means there will be fewer dust particles floating around in the environment, resulting in cleaner air. 

However, there’s more dusting to do! 

As trench heating throws fewer particles into the atmosphere, more dust will accumulate in the trench. However, all you’ll need to do is take the grille off and vacuum the trench. Any remaining dust can be dealt with by wiping it away with a damp cloth.

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