These days, radiators come in all shapes and sizes, although horizontal radiators continue to be the most popular orientation. This is probably because before the advent of home insulation and double-glazed windows, radiators were placed underneath windows. This was where they were most effective in terms of heat output. Nowadays our homes are so well insulated that radiators can be placed wherever you think they work best. And horizontal designer radiators work extremely well because they’re something that you want people to look at!

Traditional radiators

Cast iron radiators will always be popular. Indeed, many have the sort of decorative relief patterns that were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and these patterns and styles look just as good in a modern house as they do in a period property. The Rococo II radiator comes in a range of finishes and colours, which will enable you to create a look that’s as vintage or contemporary as you want. For a slightly more modern look for a traditional design, try the Spartan 2 Column radiator, which has a more industrial vibe without losing the classic look. Alternatively, the Tuba Classic Steel Column radiator has a very modern look and, because there are so many options when it comes to size as well as colour and finish, will fit in perfectly in any room in your house.

Flat panel radiators

Flat panel radiators such as the Planatherm Horizontal offer a sleek, minimalist look that’s the complete opposite of decorative radiators but will fit in perfectly in any modern living space. The Sleek II radiator is built on the same principles as the traditional steel column radiators, but using flat tubes rather than round ones. Aesthetically it works as well as a horizontal radiator as it does as a vertical one, and of course, whatever the orientation, it will keep your room lovely and cosy!

Modern horizontal radiators

If you fancy something a little bit different, modern radiators such as the Cortina would make a great statement radiator. Its metallic, patchwork effect is bang on trend, and with a hidden valve, it’ll look more like a work of art than a radiator. If you’d prefer a stone effect, how does a marble radiator sound? The Stripe is part of the Livingstone range of radiators made from recycled marble dust, which is moulded into undulating tubular shapes. The design is reminiscent of a cast iron column radiator but is much more satisfying as the characteristics of the materials give an added effect of movement and light.

Playful efficiency

If you’re looking for something contemporary and highly energy efficient, the Play horizontal radiator, with its Low-H20 heat exchange, will fit the bill nicely. The playful energy comes from the combination of colours the panels are made of, with baby pink and baby blue colour ranges making the look ideal for the nursery. The additional benefit of having one of these models in your child’s room is that this radiator has a low surface temperature, which is a great safety precaution. The Play also comes in black (perfect for teenagers going through a goth phase!) or in a more sophisticated black and white piano keyboard effect which would look great in any room.

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