Salone del Mobile Milano is one of the largest and most famous interior design trade shows in the world. The 2022 exhibition, held in June, was the first to have been held since 2019, so there was a large audience eager to check out all the latest designs. As designer radiator brands were also exhibiting at the show, it was a good opportunity for us to see their latest ranges for ourselves. As a result, we will be adding new designs and ranges to our collection of modern designer radiators, which have the correct heat output to keep you warm through the winter. Here’s a taster of what we could soon have in-store. 


Tubes is a new brand for us, and it has some stunning modern radiators with an innovative valve system. The valves have a remote connection and can be placed up to six metres away from the radiator itself, leaving the radiator free to look great without anything to distract the eye. The valves can be controlled by the thermostat or manually. We are planning to add the Soho and Agorà models to the Radiator Centre’s range. At the moment the Soho is only available as a water-only model, but Tubes will launch the electric version in September. 

Italian Radiators: The importance of Italian style

The Soho


Cordivari is a brand we already stock, and its range includes one of our favourites, the Frame art radiator. At the Milan show we learned that, in Italy, it has become a popular trend to personalise the Frame with people’s own photos, for example, wedding photos. There is also a wide range of pre-selected art images that can be printed onto it. 

One new design that Cordivari launched in Milan is the Window, which opens up to become a towel rail. It’s a sleek, stunning and practical design which we will definitely be adding to our range.

Italian Radiators: The importance of Italian style

The Window


We have stocked the Livingstone range of radiators – made from recycled marble powder – for a number of years, and with good reason. They’re great radiators – they look beautiful and are sustainable, which makes them very popular. At the Milan show, we saw the radiators in colours we don’t normally get to see, such as yellows and browns. Stunning! 

Italian Radiators: The importance of Italian style Italian Radiators: The importance of Italian style

Ecigi (the yellow one) Juta (the brown one)


Antrax provides some of our most popular and unusual radiators. The brand wasn’t at the exhibition, but as the showroom is in central Milan, we paid it a visit to see what’s new. And it was worth the journey because they have just released a new model, the Ghisha. The Ghisha is a modernisation of the traditional cast iron radiator  and will give any room a sleek, contemporary look

If you would like to see examples of our stunning designer radiators for yourself, visit one of our radiator showrooms in St Albans, Islington, Clapham, Brighton, Bristol or Leamington Spa.