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St Albans Brighton Islington

The Ideas Gallery

The "Pajak" ("Spider" in Polish) by Monika Kref is a radiator resembling exposed pipework with beautifully finished wooden pegs, presumedly to hang up towel and clothing.

4th July 2016 21:17

Neo radiator by Terma. Neo is unique modular decorative radiator.

4th July 2016 21:17

Our Tetro in a rustic kitchen

4th July 2016 21:13

4th June 2016 15:38

4th June 2016 15:37

Bold bedroom photograph by Helenio Barbetta

17th April 2016 10:28

Wall radiator - Townhouse Duomo Hotel Milan

17th April 2016 10:27

Nina Yashar, dona da Nilufar, abre sua casa em Milano (Foto: Ruy Teixeira)

17th April 2016 10:26

Steampunk Bathroom-- That's a lot of copper.

28th March 2016 23:09

Abandoned Metropolitan Building, Detroit, MI. Photo © Tom Kirsch

27th March 2016 12:38

#CoffeeTable, #Radiator, #Repurposed

27th March 2016 12:29

Rare "Zenith" cast iron radiator

27th March 2016 12:24

Photo: Allison Dinner | thisoldhouse.com | from Taking Paint Off Radiators

27th March 2016 12:22

Victorian cast iron radiator | eBay

27th March 2016 12:20

roomenvy - turn up the heat with a colourful stencil

4th February 2016 17:49

Runtal radiator Puzzle

26th December 2015 20:41

The Jaga Circo Corner in flaming red. #eyecatcher #radiator

25th November 2015 22:18

What the uncovered piping from the CEILING (not the walls) could look like...

25th November 2015 22:16

Cafe De Ebeling is based on the style of a French café combined with New York style exposed brick while the setting may be industrial, the ambience is still intimate

25th November 2015 22:15

This copper pipe bookshelf. | 18 Steampunk Decor Flourishes That Will Make Any Room Badass

25th November 2015 22:14

Matte black fridge | Smeg

25th November 2015 22:11

Wall-mounted decorative radiator NATIVITÉ - Pierre Cardin - Forme

12th November 2015 20:56

Modular ceramic decorative radiator THERMOSTACK TOWER - LA CASTELLAMONTE STUFE

12th November 2015 20:53

Modular ceramic decorative radiator THERMOSTACK TOWER - LA CASTELLAMONTE STUFE

12th November 2015 20:53

#TUBES in property renovation in Padova by DRIUSSOASSOCIATI | ARCHITECTS [http://driussoassociati.magix.net/website] photo Andrea Pancino

12th November 2015 20:36