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The Ideas Gallery

Wall radiator - Townhouse Duomo Hotel Milan

17th April 2016 10:27

cool radiator

26th October 2015 20:15

what a beautiful idea... had radiators in German Vogelweh housing... Painting cast iron radiators

23rd May 2014 14:02

paul massey / cornwall - radiator

8th May 2014 16:37

Back to Black: Black Wall Paint Inspiration #stylemath

23rd April 2014 18:01

Old school. Sash windows and radiators.. Love old stlye radiators,and window shutters..reclaimation yard?

23rd April 2014 17:56

Runtal RX wall-mounted radiator | flat, oval, powder-coated tubes 8mm wide. 52 colors and 12 spacing choices between elements available.

23rd April 2014 17:55