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Mini Fixed Feet by Jaga Heating


For spaces that involve large windows, window displays, conservatories, window seats and low walls, the Mini Freestanding is almost unrivalled in its flexible configuration and heat outputs. It can be discreet; starting off at only 80mm high; but powerful, churning out almost 5000 watts at its largest size. There are 4 heights, 4 depths and lengths up to 2.6 meters. Please note that heights listed do not include the feet, which are available in fixed sizes of 65mm, 100mm and 120mm, as well as an option for adjustable feet for uneven floors.

Once again the efficient LowH20 technology with the super conductive and ultra-fast heat exchanger gives maximum heat for minimum energy consumption. The addition of the fan-assisted DBE unit helps push with speedier heat up making times it ideal for green energy systems, such as ground source and air source heat pumps.

Check out the Mini Wall, the wall-mounted version here.

This product is available to view in both our Islington, St Albans and Brighton showrooms.

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Product Specifications

Material Steel
Standard colour 133 - Traffic White, 001 Sandblast Grey
Colour options Jaga colour chart
Guarantee Heat Exchanger - 30 years
Output range 255- 4885 watts @ Δt 50º
Connections Can be completely concealed within the casing
Mini Fixed Feet in White Mini Fixed Feet in White
Mini Fixed Feet in White Mini Fixed Feet in White
Mini Fixed Feet in White Mini Fixed Feet in White
Mini Fixed Feet in Red Mini Fixed Feet in Red
Mini Fixed Feet in Sandblast Grey Mini Fixed Feet in Sandblast Grey

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Delivery Cost

£25.00 per unit