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The Guide to Cast Iron Radiators

Why choose cast iron?

Cast iron radiators add an air of authenticity to period properties. They can also enhance contemporary interiors, adding a timeless quality that transcends fashion.

Do cast iron radiators take longer to warm up than standard radiators?

The density and mass of cast iron means your radiator will take longer to warm up, but the advantage of this is that it will also stay hot for a long time after the central heating is turned off.

Can I use reclaimed cast iron radiators?

We often get asked if we sell reclaimed radiators. All of our radiators are brand new but there is no reason not to use a reclaimed radiator. Whilst they can be picked up fairly cheaply, you may need to spend money renovating them and they will not come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. You will also be limited on size, heat output and colour.

On the other hand, reproduction cast iron radiators are often made using templates from original models, can be ordered in whatever size or colour you need, will be ready to plumb in to modern central heating systems, and also come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Painting cast iron radiators

Due the casting process of our cast iron radiators, they will have a slightly rougher finish compared to more contemporary materials. This means that you will achieve a good paint finish. If you are painting or repainting your radiator, we would recommend using a spray paint because of the difficulty reaching into the middle columns with a brush.

Please don’t attempt to powder coat your cast iron radiator. The powder coating process involves prolonged high-temperature baking and this will damage the gaskets between the sections. NB: If you powder coat cast iron radiators, you will invalidate the manufacturer’s guarantee.