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Radiator Troubleshooting & Maintenance

How do I keep my radiator clean?

Keep the outside of your radiator clean using a soft cloth dipped in warm water with just a small amount of washing up liquid in it. Avoid using abrasive cloths or anything that might scratch the surface. Also avoid using the spray cleaners you normally use to clean your kitchen and bathroom as they could cause damage to the finish as well as to the valves. If in doubt, pleases check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How do I bleed a radiator?

Check your radiators on a regular basis (at least once a year) to see if they need bleeding. Bleeding a radiator is quite a simple process 

What do I do if my radiator is leaking?

If you find a leak in a radiator, close both of the valves in order to isolate it, then let the air out in order to release the pressure in the radiator, which will hopefully stop or slow down the leak. If your radiator is still under guarantee, contact us with the details. Otherwise, contact a plumber who will be able to suggest how best to repair it.

Why do all my radiators get hot except one?

If you have one cold radiator when all the others are hot, and it has been bled properly, the problem will usually have occurred because of an imbalance in the water flow. It’s a relatively straightforward process to balance your radiators - click here to find out how.

Why is the radiator making a noise and what can be done to stop it?

Occasionally, noises coming from your heating system will not be as a result of a faulty product; it is much more likely to be down to poor installation. The noises are usually banging from the pipework or the radiators themselves as the heat causes the materials to expand, or the whooshing of water. If you have had radiators installed recently, contact the installer involved.