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Old Skool Electric


Bringing back that old school look back into today's homes, the Old Skool looks elegant in both traditional and contemporary settings.

The traditional Old Skool radiator is available now as an all-electric version. Available in white as standard, but also a range of colour finishes and either wall mounted or on slip-on feet (sold separately).

All radiators supplied fully filled, fitted with a wifi heating element which can be controlled by a downloadable Android & IOS app.

The heating element is available in a range of colours, White, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Anthracite,Steel, Satin Gold, Textured Light Grey, Textured Dark Grey and Matt Black.

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Product Specifications

Materials Steel
Standard Finish White
Finish Options Choice of 43 RAL colours & 10 Special finishes
Delivery Information Standard finish: 1 working week
Colour options: 3 working weeks
Connections 240v AC supply required
Depths 66mm, 107mm 148mm
Overall Projection 180 - 190 mm
Output Range 438 - 1606 watts @ ∆t50˚
Guarantee 5 years
Old Skool Electric in White on Slip-on Feet with wi-fi controller Old Skool Electric in White on Slip-on Feet with wi-fi controller
Controller Controller

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Delivery Cost

£15.00 per unit

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Old Skool Special Finishes

Blue Chill
Black Nickel
Black Sparkle
Rose Gold
Matt Black
Historic Silver
Historic Gold
Historic Copper
Gun Metal
Red Translucent

Standard Colours


RAL Colour Chart

RAL 1000
Green beige
RAL 1001
RAL 1013
Oyster white
RAL 1015
Light ivory
RAL 1021
Rape yellow
RAL 1023
Traffic yellow
RAL 1036
Pearl gold
RAL 2003
Pastel orange
RAL 2004
Pure orange
RAL 2008
Bright red orange
RAL 3000
Flame red
RAL 3001
Signal red
RAL 3002
Carmine red
RAL 3003
Ruby red
RAL 3004
Purple red
RAL 3005
Wine red
RAL 5001
Green blue
RAL 5002
Ultramarine blue
RAL 5003
Saphire blue
RAL 5005
Signal blue
RAL 5010
Gentian blue
RAL 5015
Sky blue
RAL 6005
Moss green
RAL 6009
Fir green
RAL 6029
Mint green
RAL 7015
Slate grey
RAL 7016
Anthracite grey
RAL 7030
Stone grey
RAL 7032
Pebble grey
RAL 7035
Light grey
RAL 7040
Window grey
RAL 7042
Traffic grey A
RAL 8003
Clay brown
RAL 8017
Chocolate brown
RAL 8019
Grey brown
RAL 9001
RAL 9002
Grey white
RAL 9003
Signal white
RAL 9005
Jet black
RAL 9006
White aluminium
RAL 9007
Grey aluminium
RAL 9010
Pure white
RAL 9016
Traffic white
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Pair of Slip-on Floor Supports (White) £47.00
Pair of Slip-on Floor Supports (Colour) £57.00
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Electric only model


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