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Gong Electric


Gong - Now available in ‘Electric-Only’. It is now possible to benefit from the stunning Gong designs following the introduction of an ‘electric-only’ version.

It's the simplicity of the Gong's design - clean, uncluttered and stunningly opulent - that makes this one of the best examples of a feature radiator. 

The patinations on the Gong are applied by hand using a variety of hot working techniques and colour compounds depending on the finish required giving the perfect combination of beautiful patinated copper and brass finishes and super-powerful radiators.

The choice of finishes are as follows;
Brassy Knoll - A patinated brass – granite grey base with sea green highlights.
Mighty Magmas - A patinated copper – an earthy pallet of burnt orange and rose tones.
Midnight Caller - A patinated brass – aggregate greys washed with a night sky blue.
Dusky Moodstress - A patinated brass – dark chocolate brown with warm golden hints.

Please note: Due to the hand finished nature of the patinas, every Gong is different in tone and pattern each time.

You can control your Gong electric radiator with a wireless receiver which can be concealed within the wiring box on the wall and an analogue or digital room thermostat which can control up to 16 radiators from one thermostat. The digital system with wi-fi can be controlled through an app on your smart phone giving full controllability in or outside your home.

Please note : the models listed here include the wireless receiver. You are then free to choose the level of controllability you require by adding either the individual room thermostats and/or the app.

This product is available to view in both our St Albans, Islington and Brighton showrooms.

In addition, the integrated wi-fi system can also be demonstrated in the Islington showroom.


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Product Specifications

Materials Steel
Standard finish Gong finishes- Brassy Knoll, Mighty Magmas, Midnight Caller, Dusky Moodstress. Rusty
Delivery information 6-8 weeks for patinated or rusty finishes
Guarantee 5 Years
Output range 400-2000 watts
Gong - Finish Brassy Knoll Gong - Finish Brassy Knoll
Gong - Finish Dusky Moodstress Gong - Finish Dusky Moodstress
Gong - Finish Rusty Gong - Finish Rusty
Gong - Finish Rusty Gong - Finish Rusty

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Prices between £952.00 and £4,473.00

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Delivery Cost

£35.00 per unit

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Gong Finishes

Midnight Caller
Dusky Moodstress
Mighty Magmas
Brassy Knoll
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Analogue Programmable Thermostat £81.00
Wi-Fi Connected Digital Thermostat With Gateway £185.00
Towel Rail Attachment £114.00
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